10 Funny Comparisons of Expectations Vs. Reality

In life we have certain expectations of something. Sometimes these expectations can even be absurd and so far from what truly meet the eyes. Yes, reality often is far from perfection but expectation will keep us to achieve better outcome in life. But sometimes the comparison between expectations and reality can be extremely real and hilarious. here are 10 Funny Comparisons Expectations and Reality.


1. Brushing Your Hair

Those with long hair will testify that brushing long hair would not be as easy as how Jasmine does.


2.The Summer

Where else would they go to tan and enjoy the sun and the water in the summer? D’oh!


3. Shaving Your Head

Sure, Vin Diesel look cool but we will look like an egg when we go bald.


4. Having a Baby

Yes babies are cute and all but trust me, it’s not an easy peaceful task.


5. Studying

Why do we always end up with a fully highlighted paper. Guess the neon color is just irresistible!


6. Getting Out of the Pool

Yup, how do these stars do it effortlessly? I mean it’s heavy!


7. New Year’s Eve Party

All you know is you wake up on a different year. The rest is forgotten…


8. Growing a Beard

Growing a beard is the new and sexy trend, but it doesn’t always turn out the way you’d expect it to.


9. Ice Cream

Some ice cream can look pretty traumatizing in real life. I mean what happened to bubbles?!


10. Your Wedding Night

The wedding night is expected to be full of love, but nowadays, after all the tiresome preparation and partying, you’ll most probably just fall asleep.


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