12 Best Roles Of Leonardo DiCaprio For Which He Was Never Given The “Oscar”

Leonardo DiCaprio – a talented and charismatic actor who gets used with remarkable success in a variety of roles . Having started his career at the age of 14 , he has long ranked among the megastars , the mention of which on the bill guarantees the film a box office success.
November 11 is one of the most brilliant actors celebrates 40th anniversary. In honor of this date Reckontalk suggests reviewing films for which Leo long ago could get a coveted "Oscar".

1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?

This is the first major film credits DiCaprio. Leo plays the role of Arnie – 18-year-old boy caught in the age of 4 years. One gets the feeling that the film is removed to truly mental illness people. Acting talent DiCaprio first appeared in here. Nominations for "Oscar" and the "Golden Globe" for his role Arnie proof.

2. Beach

In this film, DiCaprio has played American guy Richard, who dreams of a free life. In search of adventure, he finds himself in a romantic Thailand, according to the hero, an earthly paradise. But no secret island will not relieve the human world from violence, cruelty, envy, indifference. DiCaprio here in all its glory – loves and fights are equally desperate.
Gangs of New York

3. "Gangs of New York"

In the "bandit" DiCaprio appeared in the form of Amsterdam, violent avenger. Leonardo perfectly accustomed to the role and handed the pain of losing a loved one, the dramatic situation of adolescents in a correctional school, the hatred of the powerful.
Catch Me If You Can

4. "Catch Me If You Can"

Crime comedy Steven Spielberg's "Catch Me If You Can" brought Leonardo DiCaprio a nomination for the "Golden Globe", but was ignored kinoakademikami. Actor played Frank Ebigneyla – minor scams that in search of livelihood conducts machinations checkbook.

5. "The Aviator"

This picture is great director Martin Scorsese about one of the most eccentric characters heyday of Hollywood, millionaire, inventor and film producer Howard Hughes. DiCaprio brilliantly embodied the image of the brilliant madman with equal ease to build planes, shoot a movie and had an affair with the most beautiful film star of his time.
The Departed

6. "The Departed"

Two of the best graduate of the police academy were on opposite sides, one of them – the agent of the Mafia in the ranks of law enforcement agencies (Damon), the other – "mole", embedded in the mafia (DiCaprio). Each is committed to detect and destroy the enemy, but always lives in the distorted reality of changing the inner world of heroes.
Blood Diamond

7. "Blood Diamond"

Leo's character, Danny Archer, all of a steep smuggler, thirsty and have only one aim – diamonds. Arriving on the case in Sierra Leone, in the midst of civil war, he did not imagine how it will turn back to this period of life.
Shutter Island

8. "Shutter Island"

"Shutter Island" – another collaboration Scorsese and DiCaprio, who keeps in suspense from the first minutes. In the film, Leonardo plays the role of Marshal Teddy Daniels, who led the search for child-killers in hospital for the criminally insane on Shutter Island, located near Boston. Leo plays so that he begins to feel all of his emotions and fears, distrust and pain. Above all praise.

9. "The Beginning"

Leonardo ability to transform into thieves, scoundrels and other intruders coupled with his crown image of the hero-lover helped him as well as possible to fulfill the role of international criminal who enters the dreams of people for commercial purposes. The film became one of the best works of fiction of the last decades and has received 8 nominations for "Oscar" and 4 gold statuettes. Leo, who played the main character, unfortunately, no.
Django liberated

10. "Django Unchained"

In Tarantino's "Django Unchained" DiCaprio got the role of Candy – the personification of the American South during the Civil War, the sleek and sadistic killer in a velvet suit, covering up their misdeeds status of "gentleman." For the "gentleman" in his understanding of not only completes the bargain handshake, but also gives a live person at the mercy of a pack of dogs.
The Great Gatsby


11. "The Great Gatsby"

Film – screen adaptation of the book by Scott Fitzgerald, where Leo plays Jay Gatsby – the wealthy, who arranges a noisy party, always smiling, but it is a mystery to all who make merry at his expense. Very accurate hit in the image – as if the role was created specifically for DiCaprio. Character purposeful man, following the dream and piously believing that everything can be returned and become, finally, happy, perfectly conveys the actor.
The Wolf of Wall Street

12. "The Wolf of Wall Street"

In the comedy drama "The Wolf of Wall Street" by Leonardo played the charismatic and unscrupulous financier Jordan Belfort, helps out in the market fabulous sums and prefer very loose way of life. Leo got this tape for the "Golden Globe" and the "Oscar", as before, slipped away from him.


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