20 Amazing & Rare Photo’s from the Past | Part I

Times change and the things that we’re used to right now may not be the same as in the future. The same goes for what was common and accepted in the past as well. But, what makes the past special is that it can BE vastly different from what you’d expect, especially if you didn’t live through those times.
Some of these photos will leave you wondering what could have been, some will leave you thinking if they only knew, and some will just astonish you. It’s amazing enough that it’s rare, but what happened in these photos will leave you stunned.

Presenting 20 Amazing & Rare Photo's from the Past | Part I


1# Last photo taken of the Titanic (1912)


2# Letter from Gandhi sent to Adolf Hitler in 1939.


3# Disneyland Employee Cafeteria in 1961


4# Annie Edison Taylor, the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel, 1901


5# Nazi rally in the Cathedral of Light, 1937


6# Yuri Gagarin, first man in space (1961)


7# Unpacking the head of the Statue of Liberty, 1885


8# The last ever public execution in the United States, 1936.


9# Testing of a hydrogen bomb at Bikini Atoll


10# Testing a bulletproof vest, 1923


11# Soldiers use gas masks to stop them crying while peeling onions. [1941]


12# Shooting practice for German soldiers in 1935


13# The first photograph upon discovery of Machu Picchu, 1912


14# A victim of the Hiroshima atomic explosion (1951)


15# A happy chimp holding a newspaper after surviving his trip to space.


16# A woman hides her face in shame as she puts her kids up for sale during the depression


17# Elvis in the Army


18# Headquarters of Benito Mussolini and the Italian Fascist Party (1934)


19# John F. Kennedy Jr. salutes his father’s coffin along with the honor guard


20# Photo from an era long before photoshop is said to be genuine.

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