30 Pictures of Baby Halloween Costumes | Too Cute So Adorable !!

For me, they're all so funny to look at, tiny people wrapped up looking so ridiculous and cute at the same time.When I saw these images my heart just melted. These babies have no idea, but they've just embarked upon a life long tradition of Halloween costumes and they're already off to a great start.


1. Run DMC:


2. Mr. Peanut:


3. A cute cow in a barn:


4. A frightened looking Picnic Basket:


5. This Ghostbusters duo:


6. Nacho Libre:


7. Cabbage Patch Kid:


8. This Boiling Lobster:


9. This Shark Attack Victim:


10. Charlie Brown:


11. This Gnarly Biker:


12. A Scuba Diver:


13. Tony The Tiger:


14. A Fresh Bag of Popcorn:


15. This Cute King Kong:


16. Wilson from "Cast Away"


17. This Mouse In A Trap:


18. This Cuddly Dobby:


19. This Crawling Taco:


20. An Elderly Woman:


21. Prince:


22. A Spartan:


23. The Dalai Lama:


24. Skrillex:


25. An Oompa Loompa:


26. Garden Gnome:


27. A Chipotle Burrito:


28. Cute Little Vampire


29. I am a Biker, and had to make my son Ghost Rider ;)


30. Everything about these!


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