23 Films That Will Bring The Christmas Mood

Although the New Year holidays are not so close, their magical atmosphere can begin charging immediately. Get the Christmas tree and Santa Claus costume optional, but remember your favorite movies with the festive mood will be very useful.


Therefore we chose for you 23 films that create a nice Christmas mood and feeling that a miracle somewhere very close. If we forgot something, share your favorite movies in the comments.


1. Love Actually


"Love is all around us. She really everywhere, "- these words begins the film, and it seems that you can watch it a hundred times, and it still will not get bored. In love with his housekeeper writer, an aging rock star, bored Prime Minister, a widower, porn actors – all the heroes of this film have witnessed something very important. Yes, exaggerated, yes, it does not happen in life. But this movie is a dream, so please do not disturb the cynics.

2. Home Alone


Directed by Chris Columbus directed the movie "Home Alone" in 1990, and since then no new year without it costing. So much to all of us sunk into the soul touching tale about a boy who was able to adapt to the sudden hostile world and not lose faith in miracles.

3. The Holiday


Wonderful, kind, and in the winter a cozy movie that changes in life are often very good. Especially modern us who do not have the courage to turn off the phone on a weekend or a session in the movie. After watching Cameron wants to follow the example of Diac and Kate Winslet and jerk somewhere far away. And be sure to adventure.

4. Bridget Jones's Diary


We love this movie. Is there something in the peace and comfort, so every year in one of the winter evenings we wrap up in a blanket, take a large mug of cocoa and the remaining holidays with sweets and enjoy the story ordinary girl Bridget Jones, who boldly dressed up in costume rabbit and with little bother about what thought of her surrounding.

5. Intuition


"Intuition" – the right movie, seen, just a shooting star at the right time. Unobtrusive, with appropriate jokes, nice picture, good actors and a wonderful Christmas atmosphere that sneaks right under the skin. Want to be close to a loved one, and if it is no, then the dream of a perfect meeting, a hair's breadth as the main character.

6. A Christmas Story


The only cartoon in our collection, and it deservedly. "A Christmas Carol" – a worthy incarnation of the classic works of Charles Dickens in the animated film, rich in the spirit of Christmas and so tart flavor tale. Therefore, the history of the financier Scrooge gives us the chance to believe that even deeply disappointed in this world, people who are alien to all the good that can again begin to enjoy life and love the magic Christmas holiday.

7. Family man


There are paintings from which to watch, expecting typical American comic melodrama, and gets shot in the head. "Pretending" cute Christmas tale, the movie "The Family Man" with Nikolos Cage masterfully reveals the theme of family values ​​and happiness of this life that is worthy of applause and thanks to a huge audience.

8. Noel


Surprisingly, weightless movie with Susan Sarandon divine and Penelope Cruz. A little melancholy, a little tired, a little sad – all this on Christmas Eve in New York. It seems nothing unusual – interweaving of human destinies, but the sense of wonder is hovering somewhere in the air. Let the magic is rare, even if only once a year – but it is.

9. Old New Year


This is a great films about New Year's Eve, that unites all people around the world, and of love, of course. For two hours, which lasts for a film we have time to follow up with eight "tail" stories that are intertwined with each other, teach us to love and forgive, to let go of each other and appreciate. We should also mention the impressive cast and tasteful music.

10. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


Tim Burton is still a wizard, and that his tale is simply gorgeous in every way. The scenery and special effects, to the point of humor, philosophy, the characters and the actors – the world of the chocolate factory is thought to detail here, so is able to give you a real festive and happy mood flavored fudge.

11. Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka


Still does not have the classic age. When you look at this magnificent adaptation of Gogol's "The Night Before Christmas", forgetting that the film was made almost 50 years ago – so bright and vibrant all his characters. He will always be good-good story about how the devil amused over Kum-drinkers, and the blacksmith to get it for his beloved Oksana tcherevichki who is the queen herself, as paunchy Patsyuk relish eating their dumplings, generously dipping them in sour cream without hands.

12. Lost Christmas


Christmas Tale, which we have not yet seen. Here the magic and tragedy of life woven together, but it does not seem inappropriate. The film is not so much the typical Christmas decorations and red-cheeked Santa Claus, but there is something deep and secret. To experience it, gives the story completely. And then Christmas miracle will take place.

13. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


Although the story of the young wizard Harry Potter and his friends is not about Christmas, imagine a holiday without this film possible. Maybe it's in the general atmosphere of miracles, when you want to wear the mantle of invisibility, walking through the mysterious corridors of Hogwarts magic wand and conjure himself a mountain of sweets.

14. 200 cigarettes


If filmy- "cakes" you are bored, and the party atmosphere still wants to penetrate, then this film is indispensable. Because it does not bristling with screen happiness, joy and cheerfulness. But there unbanal humor, catchy stories, youthful carelessness and love, free and easy.

15. Christmas gift


This film – a bit naive and not very believable, but still good, naughty, funny and truly festive comedy about what can parents in his infinite love for children and a desire to give them the best gifts. Especially cute to watch Arnold Schwarzenegger, do not fight with cyborgs, and with the same compassionate fathers.

16. Girls


It's amazing how bright, colorful and emotional can be black-and-white film, optimism is contagious. Infinitely beautiful majestic views of the snow of Siberia and definitely playful and youthful Tossia Kislitsyna. This movie is able to melt the coldest heart, make to smile the most serious or sad person, and therefore ideal for the New Year.

17. Happy Christmas


What an amazing and incredible combination of – war and Christmas. It would seem that the general has this bloody, brutal actions with bright holiday, a peace and love? But a miracle can happen even in the trenches, if on both sides of the battle there is at least one person who has not lost faith in our best.

18. Carnival Night


Eldar Ryazanov created a masterpiece for the ages. "Carnival Night" – is a huge positive charge from the screen when you really believe in the words of uncomplicated, but has become a legend of a song, we hear from a young charming and Lyudmila Gurchenko: "And a good mood will not leave more than you!"

19. While You Were Sleeping


The simplest scenario, simple partial dialogs and unpretentious acting, but, believe me, do not fall in love with this movie is simply impossible. He and his captivating warmth, naivety, romance and the eternal theme of Cinderella and the Prince. And although you know in advance how it ends, this film always want to revise again.

20. Kate and Leo


"Kate and Leopold" – the perfect combination of melodrama and comedy, which is still available only to Hollywood. And in the New Year when we all want to love this tale about the great feelings that are subject to all the people – of any age, from any country and from any time – in a special way to look nice.


21. Magicians


This is the most real, rare, kind Soviet movie that everyone loves, even if seen. In acting, music, humor and story "Magicians" carry tremendous faith in miracles and magic. The faith that people very often lately begun to lose.


22. Sleepless in Seattle

The film, surprising in its simplicity, informative and touching. While away from cozy New Year's Eve in the company of his heroes – a real gift for the mind and heart. It has all that is necessary: ​​cute and lonely protagonist played by Tom Hanks, usually but charming heroine Meg Ryan, adorable kids, obligatory quotations from the classics and the atmosphere warms the soul of a miracle.

23. Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!

This has become a cult film with us in the same mandatory attribute of the Christmas holidays, like Christmas tree, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, champagne, Olivia. This movie is not just love, but appreciate and respect. After all, "Irony of Fate" – the eternal source of the New Year mood that each time makes people closer to each other. Because in all of our vast country there is not one person who has not heard the phrase "How disgusting, this is your fish in aspic!".


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