Dog Dressed Like A Teddy Bear | Cutest thing on the Internet Goes Viral ! OMG

Yes, Halloween is over and we thought we’d seen all the greatest costumes, but, boy, were we wrong. The owner of this Shih Tzu got her pup dressed up as a teddy bear.

When you combine an adorable dog with a teddy bear, you get an animal that is overloaded on cuteness.
We never realised that this was what our lives were missing until we watched this video. Now we want all little dogs like Munchkin the Shih Tzu to wear teddy bear costumes all the time. Look at his little arms moving! Amazing.
And according to the YouTube description, it's easy to make yourself. It's basically a regular teddy bear toy with its head and feet hollowed out – which sounds a bit morbid for something that ends up being so cute.


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