Drone Delivered Pizza- A Few Facts

Can a pizza be delivered by a robot? #DroneDeliversPizza

Dominos did it. Amazon did it. But the catch was that it happened outside India. No one in India had ever done it. Until now. We're talking about the next level of home delivery – drone delivery. Mumbai's Francesco's Pizza became the first ever Indian company to complete a delivery using a state of the art drone. Next time you hear a knock on your door don't expect to find a human outside.

The financial capital, notorious for its traffic snarls, has achieved a first in the country after a city-based pizza outlet used an unmanned drone to execute a delivery by taking the aerial route recently.

"All of us had read about (global e-commerce giant) Amazon's plans of using drones. We successfully carried out a test-delivery by sending a pizza to a customer located 1.5 km away from our outlet on May 11," said Francesco's Pizzeria chief executive Mikhel Rajani

Rajani, who comes from a family that is into textiles, said the drone saves time and costs for a company like his, which would otherwise depend on a two-wheeler borne agent to deliver the pizzas.

The eatery, which has been in operations for two years, has made a video of the delivery, he said, adding an auto engineer friend helped with making the flight possible.

Apart from that there are technical difficulties like a limited operating radius of 8 km after which the batteries go dry, he said, adding proper infrastructure like having charging stations can help.

Even though the four-rotor version drone had a limited carrying capacity, he said the payload capacity can be increased to up to 8 kg in case of a an eight-rotor drone.

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