Health Benefits of Fennel seeds AKA Saunf | 12 Amazing & Surprising Facts

You have heard the age-old saying “Health is wealth.” Indeed! Health actually is as important as wealth, if not more! Thus, it is imperative that you take all the required measures to protect your physical well-being, including consumption of healthy foods. It is about one such healthy food that you will read in the article, fennel. You will get exhaustive information on the health benefits of fennel.

It originated in the Mediterranean and those cultures have long used it for culinary and medicinal reasons. It has not been spread and naturalized as an herb around the world, but still primarily grows in coastal climates and on riverbanks.


Health Benefits of Fennel seeds AKA Saunf | 12 Amazing & Surprising Facts


1. Mother’s Health:

Expecting moms, this tea may help with morning sickness and treat sore nipples and infections. You can dip a cloth in the tea mixture and apply it to the sore area three times a day. Although more studies are required, nursing moms can take this tea, with the approval of their doctors, to increase the flow of milk. However, don’t take more than 2 to 4 cups daily.


2.Cleanses Blood:

Fennel herbal tea increases healthy urine flow and protects your liver from alcohol damage and treats diseases such as jaundice. This blood cleanser may also improve kidney function and prevent kidney stones.


3. Gastrointestinal Issues:

One of the most common applications of fennel is to treat heartburn. Drinking a single cup of tea or chewing fennel seeds when you start feeling the symptoms of indigestion can ease the pain and burning.



4.Promotes Bone Development:

It is good source of all the minerals required for bone growth such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and etc thus helps in improving bone strength and development.



5. Relieve Menopausal and Menstrual Issues:

Fennel has anti-inflammatory, phytoestrogenic, and antispasmodic properties, which work together to soothe uterine muscles, relieve cramping as well as other uncomfortable symptoms of menstruation and PMS. It can also help balance estrogen levels, easing menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. To get the benefits of this tea, simply boil a cup of water, adding a teaspoon of the seeds once the water boils. Turn the heat to low and leave it for five minutes. Strain out the seeds and add some honey. Try drinking it twice daily for menopausal symptoms and start it three days before your expected period for menstrual relief.



6. Anti Inflammatory:

Choline is a very important and versatile nutrient in fennel that helps with sleep, muscle movement, learning and memory. Choline also helps to maintain the structure of cellular membranes, aids in the transmission of nerve impulses, assists in the absorption of fat and reduces chronic inflammation.


7. Promote Healthy Eyes:

A fennel tea infusion can help you fight sore or swollen eyes in the morning. Make the fennel tea and then take a cotton ball, soaking it in the drink. Apply this to reduce puffiness or treat conjunctivitis and other eye infections. People have been using fennel tea benefits for eyes since the Romans, who believed snakes' good vision was due to fennel.


8. Treat Colic in Babies:

Colic affects babies, causing prolonged, uncontrollable crying. Experts aren't sure what causes colic, but they think it may be due to cramping or intestinal spasms. If this is true, fennel tea benefits can be used to relieve the symptoms. Try making fennel syrup or fennel water and storing it to help your baby.

Make the syrup by boiling three teaspoons fennel seeds in one cup of water. Add half a cup sugar, and keep boiling until the mixture gets a syrupy consistency. Give your baby ¼ teaspoon twice each day. For fennel water, boil a teaspoon of the seeds in one cup water for five minutes. Add half of a teaspoon sugar, let it cool, and strain the seeds. Give your baby 1 teaspoon of this three times each day.



9. Protect from Cancer:

Fennel can reduce the risk associated with developing colon cancer by removing carcinogenic toxins from your colon. Additionally, its anti-inflammatory phytonutrient, anethole, has anti-cancer effects. Studies have shown that it can prevent breast cancer cell growth. Fennel also contains limonene and quercetin, both of which have anticarcinogenic effects.



10. Keeps Away from Memory Disorders:

Saunf water acts as a vasodilator thus keeps mind and body stress free and calm by enhancing oxygenated blood flow to the brain and all through the body thus keeps away from depression, dementia and other memory loss problem.



11. Activates Enzymes Regularizing Major Functioning:

It is rich source of zinc mineral which acts as a co-factor for many enzymes regulating the growth and development of body, sperm production, nucleic acid synthesis and etc.



12. Protects from Infections:

Its antibacterial nature protects from the infection of various harmful bacteria including Bacillus subtilis, Cladosporium cladosporiodes, Aspergilus niger and etc.


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