17 Kids Who Just Realized They Don’t Want A Sibling

For others, the sibling relationship isn’t so great. Parents have seen all sorts of reactions when they tell their child they’re having a baby. That Moment When You Realize You’re Not The Only Child Anymore … When You’re So Pissed.

There’s a special moment in every family when the arrival of a new child is either announced or finally takes place. These are moments of joy and laughter and congratulations.

The one thing you can’t predict when a new baby is coming is how the children you already have will react to the news. They’re too young to understand the expected script and that can mean some peculiar moments.

These 17 children weren’t exactly ecstatic about the new arrivals in their families. Their reactions are, however, very funny indeed. Kids Doing Stuff For The First Time.

1. Hello, brother. I am glad to welcome you to this sinful world.


2. And how to play with it? No, seriously, what to do about it?


3. Well, you have to give little Joyce some credit for honesty, but it’s probably best that she doesn’t get a puppy just yet.


4. And so every day. I cried – on you napkin on the forehead!


5. The older brother has already gone through this, but the little is clearly not thrilled with such a surprise.


6. Get used to, little one. Now it will always be so.


7. Me and my sister. Beloved.


8. Is it me now to nurse him?


9. Nothing, nothing. Grow up a little.


10. This is too much! Stop it!


11. In a big family, someone always remains in the background …


12. When parents say that you will soon have a sister. Not a brother, no. Another “woman” in the house.


13. Like it was about a kitten, mom? Mom ?!


14. And let’s get her back?


15. So I became an adult. I mean, not the smallest in the family.


16. In what sense will “now live with us” ?!


17. Am I supposed to nurse him?

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