21 Panorama Photos That Accidentally Ended Up As Horrifying Nightmares

The panoramic option on iPhones is really an incredible tool. Panoramic shots can be beautiful. Panoramic shots can be breathtaking. Panoramic shots can be…SERIOUSLY DISTURBING.


Our phones get more and more amazing each year, especially when it comes to photography. Cameras with front-facing cameras pretty much made the “selfie” popular, and HD video capture allows us to record and share so many small but amazing moments from our lives. There’s also the Panorama feature, which is supposed to make wide angle, artistic photos, but sometimes instead perverts reality into a weird nightmare. These panoramic shots ended up WRONG and UNNATURAL and KIND OF FUNNY. Check out some of the funniest panorama pictures down below. Which is your favorite?


Impromptu Siamese Twins, or just an extra head?

We didn't quite think the kids were ready for a full-bodied dog… so we thought we'd start off with one of those head-tail-hind-leg breeds.

Want to play who can pick up more leaves on our hike? I bet I know who'll win!

It's so fun to be able to ponder things AND cross your arms!

This move is known as 'the aggressive wink.'

Most terrifying baby EVER.

In the Olympics the torso-separating dive gets a 10.00 every time.

Wobbly armed women are phenomenal at fishing.

Since this photo was taken she's been lifting a LOT more.

Touch screens can be kind of an inconvenience…

But how did the artist get the detail of the woman's face in the dirt!?

I've heard of receding hairlines, but receding foreheads seem less common…

All the better to see you with, my dear.

And now, starring in a one-goat production of three billy goat gruff…

She's a nice girl but just doesn't have a great head on her shoulders, you know?

Would you pull over for this hitch-hiker?

So how old are they in single headed dog years?

No torso no problem! He's a DYNAMITE hiker.

They never see him coming…

I hate going out with her… it takes her SO long to do her hair when she's getting ready!

And atlast, All In One. OMG! What is it ?