12 Women Who Stole The Show From Their Friends

Everyone has that one friend who always manages to steal the spotlight.

Today we are sharing some of the Stolen spotlight pictures. Like Girls with bigger boobs than their friends always seem more confident. Sometimes boobs ruin friendships. It’s funny how the bigger tit girls, have the bigger smiles in these pics. BOOB envy.

1. Nicki Minaj was really outshining her friend here at a fashion show. All eyes went straight to her with her colorful outfit!


2. This animal would be the happiest gorilla on earth


3. Who the hell proposes at another person’s wedding? You really had to steal their special night? Idiots


4. Everyone knows that the bride is supposed to be the center of attention. Hard to do when you’ve got this hot sister nearby


5. My favorite kind of envy – Boob envy. Pictures where one girl has noticeably bigger boobs than the other… So hot.


6. Look at the expression on her face. That’s the face of a girl who knows she’s hopelessly outgunned.


7. You can just tell that whenever these two talk to guys, all eyes are on the one with the giant boobs. That must suck for the other girl…


8. One of these girls was blessed with giant melons. The other was cursed with only lemons. And you know what they say, when life gives you lemons… Get a breast enlargement surgery.


9. I can’t believe this image. Is this even real? It has to be photo shopped right? The other girl looks like she hates her life right now.  Almost. The one on the right needs a few hearty meals. I can’t stand skinny women.


10. Speaking of people who stole the show, we can’t forget this guy. Why is he at the wedding? Why is he roller skating? Such questions hardly matter in the face of such awesomeness.


11. I like big boobs, but I have to admit, hers are almost too big.


12. Another Jaw Dropping expression of boob envy friend.