Helping The Homeless in Slovakia’s Way Is Absolutely BRILLIANT.

Design Develop, an architectural design firm in Slovakia, has been working on a project to give homes to the homeless. The idea, called The Gregory Project, is trying to turn billboards into livable spaces for people without homes. In Slovakia, there are a number of billboards with two surfaces – one for drivers coming from both sides of the road – this creates a triangular space in between the two sides and holds potential as possible space for a small home.

The Gregory Project is pushing this space because it would optimize the existing structures.


And the price of construction would be lower because the billboards are already built.

The billboards are also already wired for electricity making lighting much easier within the structure.

These photos are only digital visualizations of what the homes could look like, but they all seem to be very promising.

This would definitely be not only a unique way to use the space, but also extremely beneficial to those who might live here someday.

H/T Adweek


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