What Does “Russia” Feed Their Great Soldiers!! | Russian Army Food

One guy has posted his army daily meals online, instagram style, so we can now see too what is being served to a soldier. I am not sure what regiment he comes from, is the food the same all over the army? But anyways, here we see breakfast, lunch and dinner, and you tell me if you find it yummy or yucky, healthy or not, if you could live on it or prefer to remain hungry. What about the meals is strange to your non-Russian eye?


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Here you can see what looks like oats and a sausage. The small white drink is “milk” and the small spread is “butter”. The glass on the left is a glass of tea. The thing on the right is two slices of Russian bread.


A soup. A glass of tea. A plate of KASHA (buckwheat groats) with something looking like meat pieces. A vegetable salad. Three or four slices of bread.


Some sweet cereal with sweet corn, a slice of bread and butter. A glass of tea. Something in the plastic wrap, I think its a bun, like the ones they have in burgers, but not cut in half.

Friday Meal:

Also the guy has posted the “Friday Meal” which for some reason is different. Here it goes below:

There is a tea. A carton of milk. Slices of bread with butter. Something which looks like a slice of cheese (on the bread). An egg (probably hard boiled?), and a bun in the plastic bag.

So what do you think on them? What I find interesting is that there is no cola or any sweet sodas present in the list.


Bonus Photos





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