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11 Epic Pics of Couple Who Gets Married On Mount Everest

It’s been said that love can move mountains, but one California couple has proven that…

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This Wolf Hunting By Mongolian Eagle Is Really Unbelievable

Real Life Badass Hunters In western Mongolia, an ancient tradition of Hunting Wolves with Eagles…

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This Russian Family Dines With 23 Year Old, 300lb Pet BEAR

This family is un-bear-lievable! Meet the household that sits down to dinner with A BEAR…

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How Budapest Became A “City of Smiles” From The “City of Suicides” in 1930’s?

An epidemic of suicide sweeps through Budapest, and the city tries to stop it in…

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10 Photos Of Crazy Penis Festival Japan | Kanamara Matsuri Facts

Better known as the "Penis Festival" - The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri, "Festival of the Steel…

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21 Crying Kids Will Make You Laugh | Funny Reasons To Cry

"Kids" the cutest thing on the earth, but sometime they will cry for the stupid…

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21 Panorama Photos That Accidentally Ended Up As Horrifying Nightmares

The panoramic option on iPhones is really an incredible tool. Panoramic shots can be beautiful.…

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Dangerous Paths: Never Thought The Way To School Is So Risky

These school children go through many odds and dangerous path to go to school. This…

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10 Most Incredible & Badass Old Age Grandpa Over 60-70 Years

When you hear the word "old age", the first thing that probably comes to mind…

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Japanese Train Pusher Oshiya | Crazy Job on Japan Subway

The railway system in Japan is so well developed, punctual, extensive and diverse that you…