USA Airport Hire Pig LiLou For Adorable Therapy To Travelers

Are you a nervous flyer? LiLou will help you take your mind off it! This little fella will make you happy on your trip. The new airport therapy pig "promises to surprise and delight guests with her Amazing personality, charming costumes and sexy painted nails."

LiLou the therapy pig is super cute and seeing her walking towards you would be enough to make anybody smile. She wears a cute ‘Pet Me!’ dress and passengers just can’t resist playing with her at the San Francisco International Airport.

1. Meet LiLou, the adorable therapy pig that helps bring happiness to everyone she meets.


2. This certified therapy pig LiLou landed a job at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO), where her charms will be put to good use.


3. LiLou's joined the facility's friendly troupe of comfort animals, known as the Wag Brigade, who'll be on hand to deliver smiles to countless weary holiday travelers.


4. This little piggy LiLou is the first known airport therapy pig in the U.S., according to the San Francisco International Airport.


5. LiLou "promises to surprise and delight guests with her winning personality, charming costumes and painted nails," the airport said in a statement.


6. And she's no stick in the mud. "LiLou loves performing tricks for her audience," the airport added.


7. The Juliana-breed pig was officially welcomed into the airport's team of trained animals, called the Wag Brigade, this Monday.


8. The Wag Brigade is a team of trained animals certified by the San Francisco SPCA's animal assisted therapy program to "make passenger travel more enjoyable," the airport said.


9. The airport said that the brigade's animals are carefully selected "for their temperament and airport suitability" and that the animals "wear vests that read 'Pet me!' to encourage interaction with airport guests."


10. LiLou the cutest pig has own Instagram account @lilou_sfpig.


Therapy animals like LiLou can bring so much joy to people who simply need to forget their worries and need a smile. Please share LiLou the therapy pig that is bring smiles to everyone at the San Francisco International Airport with your friends and family.

Before you go watch Some Cute LiLou Pig Youtube Video:



H/T: The Mercury News,

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