Women’s Paradox- An Infographic Insight

Work life balance is always a matter of debate. A Few finds it difficult to dedicate themselves towards work till early thirties so that by then they could have learn enough and move up over corporate ladder while other few wants this balance from very early stage of their professional career.

The case is even more complex in case of ladies (especially for Moms) and is not just limited to working mothers but to also home makers (Stay at home home moms).

Here is a list of unique challenges being faced by American Women as per latest research on Work Life balance. (Though the study is done on American Women but it’s more or less true in global scenario too).

Whatever people say and corporations claim for but despite progress toward "having it all," research shows that American women are less satisfied and burn out more quickly. And today's economic realities mean fewer options when it comes to choosing between work and home.


Men V/S Women- Working Attribute

Women Work hard, but they don’t relax as compared to Men but Men are on other hand:

* 35% more likely to take breaks just to relax
* 25% more likely to take a break at work
* 7% more likely to take a walk
* 5% more likely to go out for lunch

    -Considering only labour aspect, day to day job related sincerity and not on the basis of final output.

      Thus, many young professional women burn out at work before they reach 30 and stop climbing the corporate ladder.

      Women wages have been steadily climbing

      * In 1970: 59 Cents for each $1 earn by men
      * In 1980: 60 Cents for each $1 earn by men
      * In 1990: 72 Cents for each $1 earn by men
      * In 2000: 73 Cents for each $1 earn by men
      * In 2010: 77 Cents for each $1 earn by men – still a wage gap of 23%

      Despite higher level of Education & Pay, American Women are less happier now. In late 1970s Women were more happier than Men. Today everyone is less happy but women are even less happy than men.


      Motherhood Career

      * Dads- 6% stay at home, 94% are in workforce
      * Moms- 29% stay at home, 71% are in workforce

      Almost half (~50%) of the home mothers wants to work & vice-versa (almost half of working mothers wants to stay at home).

      * 47% of working mother said they would be happier if they didn't work
      * 36% of working mothers said they resent their partner for not making enough money for them to stay at home with baby/kids.
      * 44% of home mothers said they would like to return to a full time job
      * 15% of home mothers said they resent their partner for being one to continue working after baby was born
      * 13% of home mothers said they regret giving up their career

      – Majority of women accepts that staying at home is financial luxury

      * 44% stay at home (home) mothers says their partner makes them feel guilty for not pulling their own financial weight
      * 52% working women says their partner make them feel guilty for not spending enough time with kids.


      I do think women can have it all, just not at the same time.

      – Madeleine Albright (Former U.S. Secretary of State)


      Below is the infographic (Click on it to view full version)


      Source: Great Business Schools

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