World Hates Women | Watch it and don’t stop if it tears apart your soul!

“The tragedy of the world’s 160 million missing girls isn’t that they’re “missing.” The tragedy is that they’re dead.”

Warning !

This contest may not be appropriate for viewers of a few countries and below 18 years age group

Being a woman if you feel blessed to be a part of this world then think again! As somewhere else around the globe someone does not agree with you.

Somewhere someone in the dark is sitting silently waiting for their turn to entitle you with the believed treatment which they think is for you especially.


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Women are being secretly hated; they have been targeted for being born as a woman. And what you think do they get a punishment for being a girl? They are raped, tortured, brutally murdered!

The darkest side of this secret world never gets wiped out nor do they come into light; just their atrocities sometimes make it to the headlines and the rest part of such clan sits behind, enjoying in secrecy.

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This video by ‘Video Daddy’ shows many ways of how a woman can be a target of someone's hatred and how  big price she has to pay for it….and will certainly leave you in deep thoughts!



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