9 Tips on How to Flirt With Women !

So, you want to learn how to flirt with women in a way that creates attraction and sexual desire? Congratulations! You’re taking the first step toward a life with beautiful women.

Below I have compiled a list you can use as a guideline to keep you on track when flirting with women.

It is important to start on the right course, to increase the chances of attraction being created.

Here is the Tips to flirt with Her :

  1.     I began a conversation with a woman in a fun, playful way, and didn’t come on too strong and run the risk of scaring her away.
  2.     I spoke confidently, in a loud assertive voice tone, and didn’t appear nervous or insecure as I flirted with her.
  3.     I avoided asking boring interview style questions like “What do you do for a living?” and when she asked me this types of questions I gave her absurd or playful answers.
  4.     I didn’t worry too much about what she was thinking or trying to impress her.
  5.     I looked for opportunities to tease her about things she said or did. I made sure to tease her in a fun way, and not come across as mean or cruel.
  6.     I was not afraid to touch her as we talked. I lightly touched her elbows, gave her high fives, and put my hand her on her lower back as we walked.
  7.     I held eye contact, and rewarded her with a smile when she said something funny or nice.
  8.     I told short but entertaining stories that elicited an emotional reaction out of her.
  9.     I was not afraid to escalate the conversation, and move towards a more “sexual” vibe.


Every time you flirt with a woman you should keep those particular points in mind. This will help you from rearing off course and winding up in the friend zone, or worse, creeping her out.

Remember, upon meeting you, a woman quickly places you into one of four potential roles: Lover, friend, boyfriend or creep. It is always best to be viewed as a potential lover.


Here are some more pointers to keep in mind:

  •     At some point while flirting, it is necessary to make some sort of statement of intent so she is well aware that this is not just a “friendly” conversation.
  •     If possible, give her a nickname you can call-back throughout the interaction to create an “inside joke” between the two of you.
  •     Make sure when getting her phone number that you suggest a potential day and time to hang out, if not, she will likely flake on you in the future.

This is a great checklist to use when you’re still learning how to flirt with women. After a while these steps will come naturally, but in the beginning it is better to have a checklist rather than to risk ruining a great opportunity with an attractive woman.


H/T: thedudes