Artist Transformed Famous Landmarks Using Paper Cutouts

Artist decided to become a tourist in his own city- he wanted to see the London that he ignored, to explore the landmarks and the quirky history. He started researching for interesting facts and began thinking about how he could photograph the sites in an original way. His first idea was using a cut-out to transform Big Ben into a wristwatch. Then he took photos of St Pauls, the London Eye and Trafalgar Square and whilst.  He was in each city, running around with a camera, handful of cut-outs and a head full of random facts to accompany each photo.



1. Big Ben, London

2. London Eye, London

3. Arc de Triomphe, Paris

4. Af Chapman, Stockholm

5. Trafalgar Square, London

6. St George’s Wharf, London

7. Tower Bridge, London

8. St Paul’s, London

9. Cirkelbroen, Copenhagen

10. Montmatre, Paris

11. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

12. Maritime Museum, Amsterdam

13. Southbank Fountains, London

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