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Dolly Ki Doli is a quirky film with fine casting and amazing story.
There is much to like in Dolly Ki Doli. Or, let us put it this way: there isn't much to dislike in Dolly Ki Doli.

The film, driven by a wildly whimsical plot, gives lead actress Sonam Kapoor a breezy, if insubstantial, role that allows her to stay well within her comfort zone. 

She plays a rebel who revels in flaunting bridal attire from across the length and breadth of India – all in a day's work. 

Overall, too, barring the avoidable item number designed specifically for co-producer Malaika Arora Khan and the other song and dance set pieces, the film is genuinely and refreshingly non-formulaic. 
But the problem with Dolly Ki Doli is that it does not give a plausible ending to the story. Dogra, who co-wrote Dolly Ki Doli with Uma Shankar Singh, did have an interesting plot — the journey of a girl who takes on the bad world of men and the hypocrite institution of marriage. But why does she do it? That is exactly where Dogra's script fails. The reason, that unfolds after interval, is simply too pretentious. In fact, throughout the film, it is pretty difficult to identify with the character of Sonam. 


Even the purpose of each member in the gang, the film's protagonist Dolly (Sonam) and her villain Robin (Pulkit) is not explained. There are several loose ends left in the end. If there is one thing Sonam's charcater does that is worth applause, it is when she ditches Pulkit Samrat. 

There are, however, a number of sequences that are sure to trigger laughter-riots: One where Archana Puran Singh checks out her prospective daughter-in-law, Varun Sharma's love for Dolly, and his encounters between Rajkummar Rao. 

So should you watch Dolly Ki Doli? Go for it, for the entertaining performances. Despite the shoddy script and loose strings, this is worth a watch.