Guinness Basketball Commercial – Celebrating The Spirit Of Friendship

Viral videos infect us with laughter, touching moments, and fun. Guinness beer released an ad that has gone viral.This commercial from Guinness Beer celebrates the spirit of true friendship. Friendship is such a strong bond that it's difficult to imagine life without friends. When a friend is in distress, we feel his/her pain. This commercial explains that to what extent we can go to make a friend feel as part of the wolf pack. Come what may in life, if you have friends to die for, your life is sorted. 


The video has caught on with thousands of people who simply love the image of human interaction. Whether it will translate into more sales of Guinness is yet to be seen, but certainly the video has struck a chord with many, and the Guinness name will likely be indelibly linked to that positive viewpoint.

Enjoy this beautiful commercial.