HOT Model Walks In Hong Kong NAKED!! | Sandra Bakker Body Paint

'No pants are the best pants': Model walks around Hong Kong NAKED from the waist down – and no one really noticed. A woman has walked around Hong Kong wearing nothing but a t-shirt, gold backpack and pair of boots, and passers-by barely fluttered an eyelid. The blonde model, who was naked from the waist down, had been painted to make it look like she was wearing a pair of denim skinny jeans.

Makeup artist Sandra Bakker from the Netherlands painted a pair of skinny jeans onto model Vytaute. The result was so convincing she managed to walk past thousands of commuters and tourists without anyone noticing. The video starts with Bakker painting on the pair of skinny blue jeans, giving them a realistic distressed denim look, complete with intricate seams and pockets.

Below Photos & Videos shows the woman walking through shopping centers, riding escalators and crossing busy roads sans pants, before she takes off her backpack to reveal her t-shirt that bears the words: 'No pants are the best pants'.

Those aren’t real pants — they’re painted on.

This was done by body paint artist Sandra Bakker.


This looks like a normal woman walking through Hong Kong.


The model ran errands, rode the subway, and more with almost no one noticing.


She even wore a shirt that said No Pants Are The Best Pants to clue people in.


She carefully painted this model’s legs to look she was wearing skinny jeans.


Next time you see someone in really tight jeans, be sure to take a closer look!


It was only this man in the green shirt who did a double-take upon seeing her.


Bakker has done similar things in New York with similar results.



However, one observant man came up behind her to snap a photo just as Leah turned around to catch him in the act.


Sandra Bakker's model walks around Hong Kong NAKED from the waist down



This is not the first time a near-naked model has paraded around unnoticed. Watch YouTube Video where Girl Walks Around New York City With No Pants!



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