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Loca The Pug Doesn’t Know How To Run, But He Is Definitely Good At Singing

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An adorable pug that can't run has notched up over six million views on YouTube and her fame looks set to continue with new set of videos.

Loca the pug whose inability to run made her an internet sensation is continuing her success with a whole series of new videos based around the adventures of her and her family.

The dog is recorded by her Belfast family and the videos put online for all to see.

She has so far notched up over six million views on her YouTube channel and has nearly 10,000 likes on Facebook.

The videos include, 'Can we have a rabbit?' and 'Babysitting ain't easy', as well as the original, 'The pug that couldn't run'.

Loca suffers from a brain condition called ataxia. It is a harmless brain condition but symptoms include leaning, toppling, falling and rolling over.

Loca's owner Mal Orr, 55, said: 'One day when I was watching her run I thought "That's funny – I should film it". I never thought this many people would watch it.

The ending has me in tears, awwww!

[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2RJN9a_jdM[/youtube]


'We gets loads of really positive comments from people about how she makes them smile so it makes sense to keep making the films. I write and perform all the songs myself.'

Mr Orr and his wife Alena, 45, got Loca three years ago along with her brother, Alfie. They noticed a problem with Loca's co-ordination as soon as she started walking.

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