Loving Boyfriend Who Wrote 365 notes 1 for Each Day of Year and Put it in a Jar For His Girlfriend !

Irish Redditor TheOnlyOne87 may be the most loving  boyfriend in the entire world. Instead of giving his girlfriend a gift that could bring joy for just a moment or even a day, he made one that could lift her spirits every day for an entire year.

After much searching, Redditor TheOnlyOne87 found the perfect Mason jar to create what he calls The 365 Jar.


It was just large enough to fit 365 handwritten and color-coded love notes and words of inspiration.


The loving boyfriend even created a color-coded system to help identify each note as one of three categories.


So, he put a lot of planning and preparation into the gift.

He kept track of every note he wrote, which includes memories from their 8-year relationship.

In the end, he created 365 notes (one for every day in a year) and managed to fill the entire jar up to the lid.

The loving boyfriend says, "She was ECSTATIC. There may have been tears – although that might have been partially to do with the amount of endless reading and unfolding she has ahead of her."


H/T : reddit