MOPSOTHCRDRCARD – What the hell is this?

Are you having same question – What is MOPSOTHCRDRCARD appearing on my credit card statement?

I opened my credit card statement that arrived today and found a charge with the name MOPSOTHCRDRCARD Mumbai. I was trying to recollect what it was and it was really tough to recall any spent related to this, especially since I put all sorts of things on my card leading to a huge list of charges.

Anyways I finally figured it out, I recently applied for passport for my son and paid the passport fees online while applying from the website. It was that charge, I wish they would tag it with some better name.


MOPSOTHCRDRCARD can also appear in your credit card statement if you have made payment to:

1. Passport office, Mumbai
2. GATE application form
3. UP Neet counseling
4. JIPMER Application


MOPSOTHCRDRCARD in your Credit card or bank statement doesn’t mean that it’s an illegal, fraud or scam. It might be appearing because you would have done payment against services or product to Government of India.