7 Adorable Before and After Pregnancy Photos | #2 My Personal Favorites

We have found six ways to create stunning before and after pregnancy pictures that will bring a smile to your face every time you see them.

1. A Kiss for Everybody

This creative photo requires balance and capturing the image at just the right moment. You will definitely need a photographer involved to pull off this shot. Again, this is definitely the perfect shoot for a new sister or brother.

Photo Credits: Said Mhamad Photography

2. The Family Belly Photo

A fun way to include a first-time big sister or brother in the pregnancy is to do a belly photo shoot. This photo just oozes with cuteness. When you decide to do your photo be sure to add an extra creative touch.

Photo Credits: Stein Photography

3. Baby’s First Outfit

If you want to add a little more pizzazz to buying your baby’s first outfit, do a photo shoot with it. This photo requires a bit more patience as the baby needs to have some head control by the time you are ready to take the second photo. However, this photo is well worth the wait.

Photo Credits: Vanessa Marie Photography

4. The Beach Belly Babe

If you love the beach I have the perfect photo shoot for you. For those of you who were a beach babe before you became pregnant, motherhood is no reason to stop. Allow your baby to get acquainted with the sounds of the beach, and become a real beach babe after birth.

Photo Credits: Keila June Photography

5. The Decorated Belly

Whether you are using letter blocks, or floral décor, this is a great idea to give you belly photo a bit more personality. This simple pose can be done at home or at a photography studio.

Photo Credits: Portrait Ave

Photo Credits: Starla Photography

6. The Belly Cradle

While this pose is simple, it is an incredible way to create a great memory of welcoming your baby into the world.
I hope this leaves you with quite a few ideas of how to make great photo memories of your pregnancy. Stay tuned to Stylish Eve for more awesome ideas.

Photo Credits: Raft Media Photography

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