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Lets Talk about taking plastic surgery to an extreme level. Even Barbie and Ken have a tough time finding real love. The ‘real-life Ken and Barbie’ have admitted that they are both giving up on love to fully commit to surgery.


26-year-old Pixiee, who has had 17 operations – including the removal of six ribs to achieve a cartoon-like figure – met Justin, 35, while filming a TV show together.


Justin has had more than 340 cosmetic procedures, one of which consisted of him designing his own back implants.


The pair, who have spent a combined £380,000 or $7 million on multiple surgeries, have both been rather unlucky in love, with Justin recently divorcing his husband of three years.


Pixiee admits that while she gets a lot of attention, she hasn’t found anybody who is ‘willing to be a part of the lifestyle’.


She says this is because she is the ‘lifestyle’.


‘People don’t realise the commitment it takes to look like this,’ she explained.


‘Surgery is my focus and I don’t have time for a man.’


Justin, who is a surgery consultant from LA, has had a more difficult time when it comes to love and has found his continuous surgeries to be damaging to his love-life.


He said: ‘I have a reputation for being one of the world’s most extreme surgery addicts and I love pushing the limits.


‘I designed my own back implants but I want them changed as I’m not happy with them.


‘There are not that many people like me so it narrows the pool down.’


Though the pair are very invested in their own appearance, they say they aren’t too bothered about looks when it comes to a potential partner.


Justin generally goes for a guy who is ‘nice and sweet and chivalrous’ while Pixiee just wants somebody who is supportive of her dream.


But for the meantime, they’re happy to have found a friend in each other. ‘I’d seen Justin on TV before and admired him,’ said Pixiee.


‘He gave me surgery tips and had been through the same journey – we’re often judged for our looks, and we instantly bonded.


‘People commented on how we looked like Barbie and Ken, and we loved the attention. ‘Our love is a plastic love.’ And to commemorate their friendship in true plastic style, Pixiee and Justin are planning their next surgeries together so they can share their recovery woes.

Pixee’s next surgery consists of hip and bum implants later this year while Justin’s is currently unplanned. And it does seem like their top priority:

‘For the time being we’ve both given up on love,’ Pixee said. ‘We’re committed to surgery, and won’t stop until we’ve achieved our dream look.’


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