7 Photos of Beautiful Mounted Police Girls From Russia

Do not trust the beauty of Russian female police officers and the shining smile. Because they know how to use Kalashnikov proficiently, throw grenades, be good at martial arts, can ride horses pursuing criminals, while still Charming and feminine. The most beautiful women police officers in the world are surely Russian police.

Just look at the beautiful girls who serve in the Russian horse police, and how their uniform goes. Tatiana Zima, who serves in the Moscow police riding department, adds that women’s requirements for policing are the same as for men, and they must meet such rigorous requirements.


“Before starting work in the police, you need to learn how to use different weapons, including Makarov pistols and Kalashnikov assault rifles (AK-47),” she explained.


“Every time we do missions we get different weapons, depending on where we work. I hope not to use it,” added Tatyana Zima.


“The police do not always use power in front of the people, our new generation is ready and willing to change everything, I’m here following the call of the heart. .



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