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Interesting Facts About Singapore – Singapore – is a small country in Southeast Asia, The official name of the country – is the Republic of Singapore. Sultanate of Johor (which is part of Malaysia), and Riau Islands (within Indonesia) – are Singapore’s neighbors, "Asian New York", "Stone jungles" and the "high technology" – this all is about Singapore.


1. Singapore is a city, the capital and the state simultaneously,The name of Singapore comes from the Malay “Sing” – lion and Sanskrit “pur” – the city,Singapore is basically the one large island, but the country includes also 63 other smaller islands – most of them are uninhabited.



2. The national flower of Singapore is the orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim, which is in blossom the year-round. This beautiful flower became a symbol of the country, as a sign of the desire of Singaporeans to progress.


3. In Singapore, fines are very high. Fine for spitting on the ground – is $ 500. Fine for smoking in public places – is $ 500. Throwing litter, such as scraps of paper – is a fine of $ 500. Penalty for leaving water in the saucer under the pot while the watering of the flowers – is $ 500 (water is attracts the mosquitoes).


4. The city’s symbol is the fish with a lion head – Merlion. Each September held the festival, dedicated to this mythical animal.



5.  in Singapore, the number of the vehicles is restricted artificially. To buy a car, you need a special permit for car (this permission is given for 10 years). This permit will cost about ten thousands dollars on auction. Then, you need to buy yourself a car which has import duty (41% of the cost). And finally, you need to pay a fee for putting on record – 140% of the value of the car. Thus, buying, for example, a modest Toyota Corolla will cost not less than $ 100 000.



6. Changi International Airport in Singapore is the largest aviation hub in the whole Southeast Asia, its passenger traffic is more than 36 million people a year.



7. Singapore is among the top ten in the global ranking of countries with the lowest levels of corruption and ranked the first place in Asia in the same rating between the Asian countries. The standard of living is one of the best in Asia – GDP per capita is more than $ 34,000.


8. Singapore is the one of the world’s leaders in the number of death sentences. Since 1991 to 2004, the death sentences resulted in the execution more than 400 times (mostly this people were the drug dealers).


9.  Prostitution is legal in Singapore. According to official data, there are more than 10,000 girls on Geylang street.



10. Singapore has no natural resources and imports not only sand, but even the fresh water from Malaysia.


11. Another indicator by which Singapore is a leader – it’s health. According to the American agency of financial and economic information Bloomberg (The World’s Healthiest Countries 2012), the state of health of the people of Singapore is the best in the world. While, the general quality index of life in the country is on 11th place in the world.



12. One of the reasons of excellent level of the health of the citizens considered tasty and healthy national cuisine of Singapore. According to the magazine Forbes, the country ranks in the second place (after Japan) in the quality of local food, which has a positive effect on health, fitness and longevity.


13. Such a popular phenomenon in Asia, as slums, is completely absent in Singapore. Everywhere in the country, you will see the cleanliness and order.


14. One of Singapore’s business cards – is a unique five-star hotel complex Marina Bay Sands, consisting of three hundred-meter 55-storey towers. On the roofs of the towers is SkyPark in a shape of a ship, and 150-meter pool. Entrance to the observation deck costs 20 SGD, but you will be able to swim in the pool only if you are the guest of this hotel.


15. In Singapore, the brand clothes and accessories are very popular – wherever you look, everywhere is Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, Gucci and Prada.
Especially popular are handbags Louis Vuitton – despite the fact that their prices start at $ 800, with this bag you can see here every third young lady.
Many tourists visit the store LV (which is located near Marina Bay) as a museum – it is located on the water and externally looks very unusual.



16. Despite the fact that Singapore is called “the concrete jungle” in almost every area of the city there are playgrounds and a park with an abundance of greenery, where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air. Almost half of the territory of Singapore is covered by vegetation – by gardens and by national parks.



17. Every evening, near the waterfront Marina Bay passes a laser show – water from the fountain sprayed on small splashes, creating a screen on which projected the image with the musical accompaniment from the speakers. Laser show is free and open to everyone.


18. Singapore Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world, in which the animals are not in cages, and roam freely around the grounds. Ticket Price – 20 SGD, but most visitors concurs that this is one of the most justifiable spending in Singapore.



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