11 Cool Photos Of Mean Machines Serving as BBQ Will Delight You

Hot Grills on Cool Cars- These mean machines are burning rubber and meat.

Have you ever had a awesone burger or chicken which was Barbequed off a Porsche?

These amazing pics will show how some people had mind-blowing creativities to take the meaning of CAR-GRILL to a new level.

There are 10 Hot Grills on COOL MEAN CARS which are burning RUBBER and MEAT.


1. Drive-Up Diner

It's the grill of your dreams. (Source)


2. BBQ Wagon

Grill of the dreams. (Source)


3. Chopper BBQ

Sit on this hog while you roast one. (Source)


4. Camaro BBQ

Why not cook out in your car at the car show? (Source)


5. Grill Almighty

Get your own grill, this one's taken.


6. Tiny Food Truck

Get your doner kebab straight from this smart car. (Source)


7. Golf car bbq

BBQ VW. (Source)


8. Flaming Hot

This car is on fire. (Source)


9. Smokin Hot

Doing it old school.


10. Choo-Choo BBQ – Train BBQ


We know the difference between a car and a train, but this was too cool not to add. (Source)