15 points that Indian women wants their men to understand and get corrected

Do Indian men lack respect for women? Yes, They Do

In India disrespect for women starts at conception, with female embryos frequently aborted. And what begins at home spills into the burn wards of hospitals, full of young women set on fire for more dowry, and onto the streets, where men harass and rape women with impunity.

India has been ranked worst contry for women among G20 nations.

Yet the public keeps calling on men to protest rape because women are their "daughters, sisters, mothers and wives." We should call on men as "fathers, husbands, brothers and sons" to look in the mirror and take responsibility for the ways in which they practice or excuse discrimination and violence against women. After all, men who rape are related to women, too. And women deserve human rights not because they are connected to men, but because they are human.


What today's Indian women want from her husband?

– They should know how to cook
– They should help with household chores
– They should readily undergo an HIV test prior to marriage
– Admit to not feel financially insecure if I earn well/keep male ego aside
– Be open to talk about sex and also experiment
– Have a staunch opinion against dowry even if it is stated in customs
– Give enough 'me' time
– Never encourage any comparison with the mother-in-law
– Do not force on having children
– Never ask to give up careers
















The following video titled "No Country for Women" was recently uploaded on YouTube [with English subtitles] to promote discussion on how Bollywood and television has shaped Indian society.
– Why are Indian cities so unsafe for women?
– Why do some Indian men still believe that a girl is to blame if she is teased/molested/raped?
– On a completely different, but relevant note– why is female infanticide still so common ? Why are Indian sex ratios so screwed up?

This, in spite of being a country rich with "values", "traditions" and "morals".

This video has infuriated many, and we would like to promote discussion on why we are the way we are