Five reasons an online casino can be even better than the real thing

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It’s been an indifferent 12 months or so for land-based casino destinations like Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Macau. While the operators there have been doing what they can to get punters through the doors while following the ever-changing government rules, it’s been a different story altogether for their online counterparts.

Web-based casinos have had an absolutely dreamy year, with more new players than ever and revenue figures going through the roof. However, the really good news for them is that even with things returning to normal, many players are continuing to favour casino gaming in cyberspace over the physical world. Here’s why.

Incredible choice

There are literally thousands of different casino games out there, but a physical casino can only include a limited number of cabinets. Your local casino might have a hundred or so slots, but the average online casino has more than a thousand, plus numerous different table games. You’ll also see new ones appearing far more often, as it’s easier to add a virtual game to an online platform than to install a physical cabinet.

Generous bonuses

It seems like almost every webpage you open has at least one advertisement for an online casino with free spins, no-deposit bonuses and the like. Operating in cyberspace means the casino has drastically lower overheads than one that has to pay for lighting, property upkeep, reception and security staff and so on. That means they can afford to offer more and operate with reduced profit margins. The competitive nature of the industry means that there are some amazingly good deals out there – it’s worth consulting a site like aussieonlinepokies ( ) to compare them side by side.

Better security

There’s a certain irony in the fact that in the early days, people were cautious about using online casinos as they were worried about security. Now in this age of SSL encryption technology, they are arguably more secure than the land-based alternatives. After all, just how secure would you really feel standing in the middle of a crowded casino with everyone staring at you as you go to cash out that jackpot win?

More payment options

This point follows on from the last. Physical casinos are still highly cash-oriented. It’s less than ideal, and the online counterparts provide plenty of better alternatives. With e-wallets like Neteller and PayPal and even cryptocurrency being introduced as an option on many platforms, payments are not just secure, they are also fast, and oftentimes instantaneous.

Incredible convenience

Finally, let’s not ignore the elephant in the room. Even before the added complications of masks and social distancing, venturing out to a casino was a lot more hassle than visiting one online. At a single stroke, questions like who drives, where to park, what to wear and whether to stay for one more round of drinks become irrelevant. Sure, there is something special about visiting a casino, and virtual ones will never replace them entirely. But they have so much in their favor, their popularity is not going to diminish as the world returns to normal.

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