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People talked about their biggest mistakes they have made in 30 years. One of the visitors to the site Quora asked the question : “What is the biggest mistake you made ​​in their 30 years, and what it has taught you?” In response, the people of different professions shared their stories.

1. Tim Romero, businessman

I’m not sure that this is the answer you are looking for here, but my biggest mistake I made ​​was angry. I wasted too much time angry at the boss, colleagues, politicians, the wait staff, the girl who dumped me, parents and people who lied to me.

My anger was not irrational. It had a good reason. Even today, when I look back and assess the situation, I realize that it was the right response. But  my anger was a waste of time, and I paid a lot more harm to himself than any of those whom I was angry.

Now, when I was 40, I stopped being angry and began to sleep better, increase productivity at work, and I am surrounded by good friends.

2. David Storrs, freelancer, entrepreneur

I took an amazing woman for granted. The worst thing is that I was aware of it and my pride would not let me eventually change. This woman gave our relationship a good chance, and then (quite reasonably) left me. Now she is married to another.

We’re still good friends, and between us there is still a small spark, but none of us have nothing to do with it. This is like hell, but it’s better than not seeing her in my life at all.

So what do I know? Do not be an idiot. Show your partner how much you appreciate him. And if you catch yourself thinking you did something stupid, stick the damn proud to hell.

3. Alison Whitmire, psychologist, cure tor Site

When I was 30, I made 4 big mistakes.

Error number one. I put the pregnancy at a later date. At first I was just waiting for the right moment, and when it finally came, I was offered a good job with career growth. And, naturally, I did not want to go on maternity leave as soon as I got a new perspective place. A few years later, when I decided to take it to have a baby, I could not get pregnant. After a long course of treatment, I still was able to do it, but then I had a miscarriage.

Error N0 2. I thought that since I’m in good shape, you can continue to run during pregnancy. In the sixth month my water broke.

Error № 3. I did not fight for her child. Both I and my husband were convinced that we were given the right advice. We were simply told that the baby would not survive. During labor, I injected morphine, and I do not remember what happened after that, I do not know where they Delhi my child. And I’m ashamed of it so far.

Error № 4. I turned away from her husband, rather than endure this difficult time with it. I pursued a tremendous sense of guilt, and I do not know how to handle it. So I distanced myself from the man she loved and still love.

Things got better only when I was 40. I remarried and had a child. Should I was to go through all this to become happy? Yes. No. Probably.

4. James Altusher, blogger, investor

– When I was 30, I gave my company under the leadership of a larger, and it eventually went bankrupt.

– When I was 30, I, 365 days a year playing poker, spending a little time on my family, health and creativity.

– When I was 34, I  hung up the phone when I called my father. Later I did it and did not call back. Six months later, he suffered a stroke and died. I’m sorry, Dad.

5. Klavdyya Azul Altusher, writer

Society imposes on us that we should have a degree in education. So I went to night school, ignoring the yoga classes. In the day when I was released, I went to my boss and asked for a salary raise. I have since had this fucking cum! He laughed at me. In a literal sense.

I do not know if I can say that I have a house, most houses have always been me. To be precise, to pay the bank loan, I had more and more work that I did not like it.

6. Alexander Meier, freelanser

I have a few good childhood friends with whom I grew up. My fiancee does not really get along with them, so after the wedding, we are less and less time together. I did not call them, are not invited to the clubs and bars, as we have done normally.

While I’m not really thought about it, and hoped that they will understand me, because they were like brothers to me.

18 years later, my marriage was wrecked, and now I’m trying to restore our friendship. But now, when we meet, they seem to me so far. I need time to get everything back to normal.

Do not think that your friends – these are your brothers. Brother will take it even if you hate it. The friend may not remain your friend forever. Friendship requires constant attention.

7. Lulu Song

Spends too much money on shoes, instead spend it on traveling.

Not received the diploma of the programmer and mathematician.

Did not take the lessons of martial arts.

Do not do family pictures every year.

8. Dorian Michael Bach, industrial designer, photo graph

I think that’s one of my biggest mistakes is what I did focus on his work and career, with little time to your health, your friends and family.

All these years I’ve worked a lot and lived in this mode: wake up, go to work, come home and sleep. And all this was repeated again and again.

I did not even pay attention to how it has affected my health, and not doing enough to keep yourself in shape. Looking back, I can barely remember anything from those years. I’m just chasing some illusive goal.

So now I’m going to catch up and find harmony. Take care of your health. It is a priority № 1. There is nothing worse in 30 years when you constantly feel tired. Believe me, it sucks.

Do not operate without looking. Create moments that then it will be pleasant to remember. The older you get, the harder it will be to create a truly valuable relationships.

Observe all over harmony. I climbed the ladder and was focused on earnings, but it made ​​me even more cynical. Do not be a cynic, buddy.

9. Claudia Azula Altucher (WSJ and USA Today Bestselling Author / Speaker / Yoga Teacher)

I believed the story told in the HBO show “Sex and The City”, the one where Miranda, the successfull city girl, buys her own home and then, of course, gets engaged.  Murphy’s law, she called it. I thought.. No!  I BELIEVED: buying-home = happily-ever-after. And that was just one, among many other stories like that… I was a sucker for lies.  God bless me.

Here are two major mistakes

1)  Three bullshit stories society will convince you to believe, for example:

a- You need a college degree…

I got one.  Went to school at night during my early thirties.  Was completely depleted, ignored my yoga.

The day I graduated I went to my boss. I said I wanted a raise, I HAD A COLLEGE Degree NOW!  She laughed at me.  Literaly.

b.- You must own a home

Little did I know I did not own a home, the home OWNED ME.  The bank to be more precise, which meant being still more and more attached to the job I already did not like.

c- You must invest in 401 K

Every single Merryl Lynch, et all that came to our offies showed us charts of what would happen with our 401K, they all said on average we would get an 8 percent return on our money.  in the 10 years of adding money to my 401K I NEVER saw a return bigger than 0.5 percent, NEGATIVE.

Now I am out of the job, and I manage my 401K portfolio. I buy companies I follow and study.  My portfolio is up WAY more than 8% a year.

2) I pursued the wrong men for the wrong reasons. I have a book coming out in a few months about it, it is too much for a Quora answer.

10. Vinay Varma (Management Consultant; Social Scientist and Philosopher at Large; Poet)

-Not thinking about job, financial and family stability and not earning, saving and investing enough.
-Being money shy and power shy.

-Expecting people to believe in things like justice, honor, honesty, sacrifice, compassion, loyalty etc., because I did.

Source: Quora

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