4 of the Most Exotic Animals You Can Own

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Some people love animals a lot more than their fellow human beings. It’s understandable, in a way. Animals act on instinct, so as long as you treat an animal kindly, it should get along well with you and love you.

However, that’s only true with domestic animals. You can have an excellent relationship with a dog or cat, but with exotic creatures, it can be another story. There are some animals that people do try to keep as pets, and they’re not exactly domesticated.

You might consider owning an exotic animal if you’re an adventurous person. Here are some of the stranger creatures that some people like to have as pets.



Before we get into this list of exotic pets, we should stress that various states have different animal ownership rules. In some states, you can own exotic animals, and not in others. Before you seek out your dream pet, make sure it’s legal in your state.

Sloths are fun animals, and some people do try to make pets out of them. Sloths:

  • Are quiet and calm
  • Eat twigs, buds, and leaves

Sloths don’t get angry easily. They spend most of their time asleep, and when they’re awake, they’re eating or relaxing in trees. They hang upside down a lot of the time.

Sloths are cute, but they can be dangerous to humans if you’re not careful. They have sharp teeth and claws that grow up to four inches long. If they feel threatened, they can scratch or bite you.

They’re illegal in most states, but even if you live in an area where they’re legal, keep in mind that they need special food and an environment that most people can’t provide.


girl with python

Pythons are legal in more states than sloths are. They’re not legal in Florida, though many people do still keep them as pets illegally there.

In that state, many pythons have escaped from captivity over the years. Now, lots of them are out in the wild, threatening to consume all the native mammals.

Some people enjoy having large snakes as pets. However, snakes:

  • Are not affectionate toward humans
  • Can bite you if you’re not careful

Pythons aren’t poisonous, but they can grow up to several feet long in captivity. They’re also surprisingly smart and resourceful. If you’re trying to keep a python in a terrarium, it should not surprise you if it finds a way to escape.



Chinchillas are legal in some states, and some people do keep them as pets as well. They’re large rodents that look somewhat like fat squirrels.

They’re from the South American Andes. They like to live in colonies called herds, so if you have one by itself, it’s probably going to be lonely. They live for about ten years.

You can brush a chinchilla with a soft brush. If you handle it from a young age, then it will enjoy you holding it and being close to it.

They’re herbivores, and you can get special pellets for them and feed them vegetables and fruits. You’ll need a good-sized habitat for a chinchilla, so this wouldn’t be a suitable choice if you live in a small apartment.

Fennec Foxes

fennec fox

There are few animals more exotic than foxes that you can have as pets. The fennec fox is legal in some states, and some people do enjoy living with them.

Fennec foxes come from the Sinai Peninsula and the Sahara Desert. They have enormous ears that they use to dissipate heat. They’re very vocal, communicating with a serious of yips and barks.

Foxes are nocturnal, so expect yours to prowl around the house at night. They’re curious and intelligent. If you raise yours from a pup, then you should get along with it.

Remember that you can’t just feed it dry dog food. Fennec foxes eat grasshoppers, fruits, leaves, roots, eggs, birds, and small lizards. If you have one as a pet, you’ll need to consult a fox expert about feeding it.

Some other exotic pets that people like include hedgehogs and ferrets. Hedgehogs have spines that hurt if you try to pick them up, but you can wear thick gloves if you handle yours.

Ferrets smell and most people don’t like their odor. However, they’re fun and inquisitive, and you can treat yours to use a litter box.

Whichever of these exotic pets you choose, make sure that you have the resources to care for them and give them a stable home.

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