Simply About the Difficult: How to Choose a Beautiful Girl and Not Refuse the Smart One

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Life sometimes brings unexpected surprises in a relationship in the form of several partners. Each of them is good in their own way and deserves attention. What should a guy do in such a situation? To choose, of course. What should a guy decide and how to choose a beautiful girl among two cute ones? The smartest or the most proactive? According to what criteria to choose a girl among the potential partners, and is it worth choosing?

What is a Relationship for?

Relationships are never built overnight. The couple has to overcome obstacles, difficulties, pass by temptations and not succumb to outright provocations. Sometimes it happens that two pleasant Ukrainian women appear at the same time, and parallel communication is established. Sooner or later, you have to choose between two and build a relationship further with one of them.

Before making a choice, a guy should ask himself and answer honestly: what does he need in a relationship? A beautiful girl who will visit beauty salons all the time and take care of her appearance. Or a smart and well-read one, with whom it will be interesting to talk, fill in the gaps in knowledge. Or is there a third option?

Perhaps, you are currently at the peak of your career growth or have a responsible choice ahead of you related to your studies, and there is no point in maintaining a relationship further. An honest answer to this question will help you understand the guidelines and move on to the goal.

Detailed Analysis

Before making a fateful choice, you need to evaluate the candidates and understand how they correspond to the concept of your ideal. It is worth conducting a detailed analysis of the girls, focusing on the key points: appearance, inner qualities, material well-being, useful acquaintances, easy attitude to life, character traits, etc. You can discard common features immediately.

It remains to focus the choice on the differences and answer the intermediate essential questions:

  • How to choose a beautiful girl and turn a blind eye to her unideal character traits?
  • Should you choose a smart girl and try to motivate her to external transformations?
  • Or should you forget about appearance and focus on simplicity in communication?

After comparing the candidates, the torments of choice will be reduced to a couple of qualities that they radically differ in. It is worth starting from them and choosing the least of evils.

Honesty or Benefit: What Is Stronger?

What if you do not have to make a choice? If to discard the moral side of the problem, it will be easier to choose between two ladies. Why not build a relationship with them simultaneously? If there is a choice between two girls, it is unlikely that there are serious feelings for either of them. Love cannot be divided into three. Real, sincere feelings do not force you to choose between several partners.

You can sometimes push choice and the turmoil of guilt into the background and build a loving relationship with two girls. Each gives different emotions, approaches problems in her own way, complements with beauty, intelligence, knows how to surprise. And in bed, two girls probably behave differently. Men practice living in two families and manage to hide a parallel life for years. If your conscience lets you sleep in peace and does not gnaw at night, then why not take advantage of the situation?

How Long Can This Continue?

The girls are in happy ignorance and, for sure, each of them counts on a long-term relationship. The question is how much time a guy can devote to girls and feel comfortable at the same time. In a relationship, it is always essential not only to give energy but also to receive it. And what will happen if a meeting happens by chance and both girls find out about each other? If they are aware of the format of relations and are ready to continue communication, you do not need to change anything. A relationship where no one treats their partner seriously and maintains a connection until they find a better option also happens to be.

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Fateful Choice

Do not you have enough time and energy for two girls and still have to make a choice? Then you need to use the tips that will ease the complexity of the situation:

  • Decide on your priorities. First, think about what you are looking for and what you really want.
  • Analyze your relationship with each girl. Even if it seems to you that you love them both equally, your relationship with each of them is still different. Try to answer the following questions:
    1. What do you have in common with each of them?
    2. How do you feel when you are in their company?
    3. Which one is more pleasant to communicate with?
    4. Who inspires you more?
    5. Which girl makes you smile more often?
    6. Who do you trust more?
  • Pay attention to how each girl makes you feel. It may turn out that one of them helps you feel strong, interesting, and successful, while the other criticizes and makes you feel insecure.
  • Find out what both girls want. Maybe none of them is looking for a traditional monogamous relationship. Or is one of them not even interested in you? Talk to each of them separately about their desires and attitude towards you — suddenly, it turns out that you are suffering in vain, and the question of how to choose between two girls will disappear by itself.
  • What is more crucial: external attractiveness, intelligence, charm? Choose one of the essential advantages and evaluate which of the girls has it, and go to that one with confessions.

The Bottom Line

When life puts you before a choice, and you have to choose between two equally good girls, you need to honestly admit to yourself whether you have feelings or it is a simple desire not to be alone that causes the torment of choice. Whatever quality prevails, over time, it will begin to annoy you in the unloved person. Suddenly it makes sense to let go of the situation for a while so that the girls themselves reach for communication and show their attitude. Despite all the advice, it is your own choice, and only you can decide how to act: right or advantageous.

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