We Need NOT To Wait For Valentine’s Day To Celebrate Love

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Have you ever felt that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic and awaiting day of the year and we should celebrate it, Really ?? Unless you are not influenced with Facebook, Instagram and other social media platform, or you are single and psychologically under pressure for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Why is there so much pressure on this single day? It just become a status symbol more than anything else. Single or couple, people can be just as happy as others days and they shouldn’t feel pressurized because of this overrated valentine day.

Today I just searched “how to plan perfect valentine day. I found a wiki how page where some ideas were shared, when I was going through, I realized, I spent my each day like that only. So it means everyday is valentine day for me. Have a look on below examples and give a thought, if you are really committed, in a good relationship, or married or in live-in, whatsoever type of relationship but real one, don’t you think almost everyday is valentine day and you don’t need to wait for one single day to express your love.


#1 Planing Surprises for partner:


I found that, I should plan at-least one surprise for example , writing a mail, a handwritten letter and a card, some breakfast appetizer, texting a poem etc.

I think, I would have surprised like that at-least 300 days out of 365 day. It all just used to happen by chance, I never needed to put effort to plan anything, It was all natural instinct of writing some beautiful text, poem and preparing something delicious appetizer for my love. Preparing food have never been my hobby, Whenever I cooked it was all for my love. So for me my all day was a valentine day.


#2 Be frivolously juvenile again:


I read that one should taker his/her partner out for dessert and if He/she can’t decide between two desserts, order them both. Try to win his/her a stuffed animal from the arcade, or buy her a bouquet of balloons big enough to lift a small child off the ground. Take her back to her childhood for a bit of fun, just so that she feels worth it.

Really, doing so is like celebrating a love day. In my case, we usually don’t go out for dessert, because our fridge is always full of two-three flavors of ice-cream, chocolates and cakes, pastries, so we never had a craving for some dessert which is out side of house. well we have some balloons at home and we have lots of fun also, Sometimes I feel, I am coupled with a kid only, who just grown up physically but heart is yet like a innocent child. Yeah again I find my each day spend with a juvenile, so my each day is valentine day.


#3 Give attention:


This point was for focusing and giving attention to the partner as having favorite breakfast with her/him. for us It was a daily routine.


#4 Think back on your memories together:


This is something we all do on regular basis, again here we need to plan for a day when we will recall our romantic memories. I believe, it just happen, memories come in mind and float naturally in mind like a boat without sailor in ocean. If you spend a good time daily, then no need to depend on one memory.


#5 Try a big, romantic gesture:


I read “Bring home so many flowers it looks like you bought out the flower stand, or pick a bouquet of wild flowers” and kissing was also mentioned as a romantic gesture. I realized bringing flowers on home is really romantic and kissing too, of course yes ! but why only on particular day, you can do it at any day whenever you feel romantic. I proposed, I surprised, I gifted, but I have not been waited for February.

#6 Proclaim your love to the world:


Is it really important to show-off your love to the crowded world. Well for me crowd is never a romantic place. That is the reason people are so desperate of uploading their roses, teddy, and all gift stuff and the places, to social media, because that give them a feeling of satisfaction, showing to the world they think that all got to know how lucky , how preparedness, how special they are for their partner. So showing to the world is not what exactly you wanted, what you wanted was happiness, a true kindness, but what you ended-up doing is just a showoff. Well if everyday is valentine day then you will fail to upload everyday photos.

#7 Tell her all day that she’s beautiful:


Tell him that he is charming and tell her that she is beautiful, this will really boost you some good feeling hormones in your body, but My question if they didn’t find it worth charming and beautiful why are they in the relationship? When you like someone tell them whatsoever is day.

#8 Spending time together:


If you are staying away from each other then find time, plan trips, but don’t wait for  specific month February, so do it whenever you want.

What I believe, most serious couples are straight-up good at love, and they would have to be, in order to stay together for an extended period of time. Real romance rarely costs anything. It is not dependent on how costly your gift, flowers are, but the feelings behind every gesture and thoughts, the every year you have shown.

There’s nothing romantic about being surrounded by other couples who feel the same awkward pressure to define their relationship and one-up each other with shiny toys wrapped in red and pink paper. It’s actually the least romantic setting ever, to be out on a Valentine’s Day date.

We should stop this incessant spending and remember that real romance lies in simple, everyday acts of kindness, commitment and attention to our loved ones. Valentine’s Day is just a day. It has become a highly commercialized day of forced love.


If you think like me, so please share this article to your partner, single friends, so that they could stop getting pressurized on specific day. Or you might have some different opinion , do share with us what you think.