Why Should Businesses Focus on DevSecOps to Build Secure Products

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50% of apps suffer from one or more vulnerabilities that can be exploited. The issue is applicable to almost all industries, whether it’s manufacturing, retail, or utilities.

Undoubtedly, security is one of the topmost priorities of businesses. Yet, security implementations are often a reactive process, after the product is released. The process invites a lot of rework and costly fixes that you could have avoided.

In this respect, DevSecOps is emerging as a viable solution to build secure products. Let’s explore more about the concept and how DevSecOpsas well as devops as as a service can transform your business.

What is DevSecOps?

Let’s first understand what DevOps is before discussing about DevSecOps.

DevOps is a methodology to improve workflow across the product lifecycle. It encourages the development and operations team to work together to build quality apps.

DevSecOps is a culmination of DevOps and security best practices implemented at every stage of development. However, there is no strict DevSecOps definition.

It’s a collaborative process where developers and security experts work together. The aim is to develop apps that are difficult to breach. They consider the security implications during development and not as an afterthought.

As a result, businesses can reduce costs and the need for releasing patches later on. Additionally, DevSecOps benefits allow a business to get proactive about security and win trust.

Next, let’s take a look at the benefits of DevSecOps for any company in development.

DevSecOps Framework Reduces Downtime

Security incidents can lead to interruption of services or even downtime. The situation can not only hamper your reputation but also result in financial loss. As per research, businesses can lose up to $68,000 per hour due to the downtime of high-priority apps.

As a result, avoiding downtime is a vital concern of businesses.

Thankfully, DevSecOps processes can allow businesses to reduce downtime by developing top-notch apps. You can expect more resilience and integrate security into every step of development. Plus, you can aim for better performance.

Therefore, DevSecOps can be a game-changer for any business.

DevSecOps for Less Vulnerability

Traditional development is not enough to eliminate vulnerabilities. As a result, cybercriminals find it easier to gain access and carry out malicious attacks. They can take control of your systems, steal data, and even gain entry to your sensitive financial information.

Worst of all, you can be a target of ransomware and lose your money. According to Harvard Business Review, businesses paid hackers 300% more in ransom in 2020 compared to other years.

DevSecOps can eliminate vulnerabilities by ensuring continuous security. It allows the incorporating of security into the DevSecOps pipeline.

As a result, DevSecOps principles can close gaps in understanding and allow developers to develop resilient apps. They can also implement automated security checks on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, your app comes out with enterprise-grade security to ward off cyber-attacks and exploits.

DevSecOps Methodology Can Ensure Compliance

DevsecOps for compliance

Achieving compliance is necessary to avoid fines and legal hassles. You have to abide by the applicable data security and local laws to be able to provide services.

Additionally, ensuring compliance also guarantees a level of security for your apps.

A DevSecOps implementation can integrate compliance and security checks into the DevOps pipeline. You can also aim for automated traceability to foster complete transparency.

Therefore, you can identify issues quickly and even get to the bottom of the cause. As a result, you can take timely actions to meet all regulations.

No wonder 90% of software development projects will rely on DevSecOps by 2022. It will be a top consideration for businesses all around the world.

DevSecOps Helps Lower Costs

The benefits of DevSecOps can extend to a business’s bottom line and help save costs. How?

It is more costly to fix or improve security once your app is online. DevSecOps integrates security into the development process. It reduces costs associated with rework or patches later on.

Additionally, you can save costs by:

  • Automating security checks and compliance
  • Reducing the need for manual labor
  • Cut down delays in development
  • Ensuring compliance and avoiding penalties

Best of all, DevSecOps can help developers code faster and market their apps faster. As a result, you can generate quicker returns on your tech or IT investments.

Additionally, you can also stay agile and respond to changes quickly.

DevSecOps Builds Trust

DevSecOps is the best way to incorporate an understanding of security for all stakeholders. Software engineers develop with security in mind. Additionally, non-technical staff also follows security best practices.

Additionally, you can incorporate security from early stages of development for better results. The process can also improve collaboration and help you create products that perform like a champ.

You can meet your customers’ demands and even win their trust based on uncompromised security. It can even allow you to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Final Thoughts

DevSecOps is a revolutionary concept to improve security and reliability. It enables development teams to reduce complexity and build a robust app. You can also achieve compliance and gain the faith of your customers. Best of all, DevSecOps can reduce costs and help you become more proactive about your security processes.