How to Buy Wine at an Affordable Price

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Drinking wine is an age-old habit that has numerous advantages. From being rich in antioxidants, kind to the heart, to reducing depression, wine is a necessary drink that should be on your table more often. However, buying good wine can be expensive which may lead you to needing to find ways to invest in affordable wine. Doing so requires you to go to an auction. You can buy in bulk when there are discounts on sales.

Find out how you can buy wine affordably and save yourself some money as you enjoy.

Buy During an Auction

Affordable wine with excellent taste and quality is hard to find but not impossible. You can get the most expensive wine at a wine auction for an affordable price. At an auction, you get the rare and high-quality wine going for a lower price than its usual retail one.

Buying at an auction needs you to know what you are looking for. Your needs may vary from home-use, retail later, to supply to other areas. If you do not have a clear objective of what you want, you may end up not achieving anything.

Go For What Appeals To Your Taste Buds

When you need wine and want to save some money, go for your favorite brand. When on a tight budget, you may opt to buy cheap wine you have never tasted. It may be the wrong choice as the drink may not be enjoyable.

Not all cheap wines are awful. However, before you buy, you can go through other people’s reviews of it. You can go ahead and take one with much positive feedback. If it may not be your preference, you can try more until you find the right one for your taste buds.

Purchase the Wine in Bulk

Like any other bulky purchase that comes at discounted prices, so does wine. You can save some cash by buying your favorite wine in large quantities. However, you may need to exercise caution when it comes to its storage.

Some wines do not require refrigeration, but they need to be away from direct sunlight and heat. Others, if you store them in plastic bottles or for a long time may cause their taste to alter. Before buying any wine of your choice, make sure you know how to store it to avoid disappointments.

Shop for Wine With Discounts

During the festive seasons, most liquor stores, supermarkets, and chain stores do offer discounts and bonuses per sales. You can take advantage of these discounts to get your wine at an affordable price. You can save a substantial amount of cash by buying wine with discounts.

Some shops do not wait for festivities to give discounts. You can check online or local stores for any promo codes, discounts, or coupons on various wine bottles. Remember to check on the instructions of some promo codes and coupons as they may require you to follow a particular process to get the wine.

Read the label with a critical eye

Deciphering a wine label can sometimes be a challenge, as flowery marketing language can distract from the information that actually tells you what’s in the bottle. Wineries will put information on the back to try and help you. Take it for what it’s worth. Not the ones that are waxing poetic — you can look at what they’re telling you to pair it with or how to describe it — but the labels that give you a little more information about either where the vineyards are or the winemaker’s process. Such transparency is commendable.

Be as specific as possible about the wine’s origin

Even with less expensive wines, terroir — a specific region’s soil, climate, and terrain — plays a huge role in the taste and quality of the wine you choose. Look for bottles that tell you more than just the country or state of origin; try to find ones that specify a particular geographic region. For instance, with wines that are labeled “Napa,” at least 85% of the grapes must come from that region by federal law, so you get a better sense of the quality of wine than you would from a bottle labeled “California.” If you can find a particular area known for great wine, like the Spring Mountain District in the Napa Valley, that’s even more useful, and better still is if the label identifies the specific vineyard. When looking for a value wine, you should be looking for a more specific place so that I can find the terroir.

Know wines from lesser-known regions

You can find excellent, inexpensive wines from regions that aren’t as high-profile as the big names. Plus, you’re likely to impress everyone at your next dinner party with your extensive wine knowledge. It may just take a bit of homework to familiarize yourself with the alternatives. In France, look at wines from the Loire Valley or the Languedoc. There are some great values coming from Spain, Chile, New Zealand — all have some great-priced wines, and the quality is amazing. And domestically, I think that Santa Barbara offers great value for quality. You can find some exquisite pinot noirs for $35 that if perhaps they were from another region of more notoriety, it would be harder to find that. California’s Lodi region as another that offers really good value.

Last but not least know which sparkling wines to avoid …and which sparkling wines to buy.

You will not find inexpensive Champagne, a cautions for those looking for good, cheap bubbly. There are two ways to make sparkling wine. The Champagne method, where the second fermentation happens in the bottle, a more time-consuming and costly thing. So anywhere from California to Italy to Chile to Champagne, when they’re making wine with the secondary fermentation in the bottle, we’re not going to find inexpensive.

But all is not lost for those in search of cheap bubbly. If you want inexpensive sparkling wine, you’re looking at the Charmat method. That’s where the secondary fermentation — the bubbles — are made in tanks, and that’s what prosecco does. So when you see inexpensive sparkling wines, that usually means that’s the method they’re using. But you can have some amazing proseccos, there’s nothing wrong with the Charmat method, don’t get us wrong. It can just be more affordable.