10 Priceless Lessons Of Life Your Father Teaches You | Happy Father’s Day

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Though the number of lessons your father teaches you over the lifetime, here we list down the 10 Priceless Lessons Of Life Your Father teaches you:

1. We all have photos of our fathers piggybacking us. We all hear stories of how they would never put us down

Your very first lesson on physical and mental strength.



2. He would never shy away from playing a horse, an aero-plane or even playing ghar-ghar with you. Anything to see that smile on your face

He taught you to keep your ego aside when you truly love someone.



3. He would get exasperated with you if you wouldn’t get that sum right, if you missed your bus or if you didn’t fare too well at school

He taught you to do things well and to try and attain perfection.



4. When your mother screamed at you for coming late, he made funny faces and even stood up for you. Even though you were not completely right

He taught you to not judge loved ones. To accept them for who they really are.



5. Yet he disapproved of your new hair cut, your new dress, your choice of words and even sometimes your friends

He taught you that following the fad may not always be the right thing. You must find your own voice.



6. He may have disagreed with your choices, pressurizing you to follow his dreams

You learned that everyone is flawed. That sometimes people do what they at the given point of time know best.



7. He would seldom call and kept his distance. He ignored you for a while

And you learnt to deal with disappointment. And maybe keeping a distance does give you a better perspective.



8. He eventually came around to your choice of career and also felt the occasional pangs of pride when you finally did well

He taught you the invaluable lesson of forgiveness and moving on.



9. He made you feel nervous when you wanted to introduce him to the love of your life

And you found true unconditional love.



10. He spoils your kids silly and now sometimes behaves like them

He taught you that life is a full circle. And that a lot of who you are is him.



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