Trendulkar Pakistan Tweets – These 20 Tweets Have Made Pakistani Cricket Fans Nervous

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Apoorv Sood (a.k.a Trendulkar) goes by the Twitter handle @Trendulkar and describes himself on Twitter as a "90s Kid. Former Sailor boy. Now in a business suit. Sports Fan, Beer enthusiast, Hopeless romantic & a Proud Indian [conditions apply]".

Ahead of the India-Pakistan cricket world cup match on February 15, he seems to have taken it up on himself to troll the Pakistanis via social media. Here are his 20 best tweets:

1. Here we go!

Trendulkar Tweets 1


2. Heartfelt apologies!

Trendulkar Tweets 2

3. Well, you can't blame him for calling them fools!

Trendulkar Tweets 3

4. The man has a point.

Trendulkar Tweets 4

5. Sounds exactly like Pakistan!

Trendulkar Tweets 5

6. Well, the amount he trolls them, he can't complain.

Trendulkar Tweets 6

7. Nobody is spared!

Trendulkar Tweets 7

8. Absolutely nobody!

Trendulkar Tweets 8

9. You asked for it!

Trendulkar Tweets 9

10. All out for 99?

Trendulkar Tweets 10

11. Life lesson for Pakistanis.

Trendulkar Tweets 11

12. Every Indian will agree!

Trendulkar Tweets 12

13. At least troll properly, dear Pakistanis!

Trendulkar Tweets 13

14. Oh wait…

Trendulkar Tweets 14

15. ROFL!

Trendulkar Tweets 15

16. True story!

Trendulkar Tweets 16

17. Putting things into perspective!

Trendulkar Tweets 17

18. When the responses stopped on Twitter!

Trendulkar Tweets 18

19. Seriously, why should we be worried?

Trendulkar Tweets 19

20. We've saved the best for last. What a comeback, Apoorv!

Trendulkar Tweets 20


Trendulkar Tweets 21



Trendulkar's Bonus Tweets



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