TOP branded watches for men that will be popular in 2022

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The number of watch brands on the market is increasing every year. Some manufactories have been creating watches for one and a half centuries. Others burst into online catalogs and the consciousness of buyers rapidly, literally in a couple of years of existence, receiving colossal profits. Some companies create expensive products, others focus on the mass market.

In today’s selection, we have collected well-known watch brands from Europe, the USA, and even Asia. One thing unites them: an excellent forecast for 2022.

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Casio is one of the world’s most popular sellers of functional watches

The Japanese company Casio appeared in 1946 with the light hand of an inventor who believes in the power of electricity and microcircuits. A loud “breakthrough” in the market took place in 1957 when the manufacturer presented to the public the world’s first electronic calculator. Casio’s electronic wristwatch was designed with a calculator in mind: it was the same calculating machine that counts seconds, minutes, and hours.

Q&Q: strength in mass and diversity

Founded in 1976, Q&Q is part of the Japanese giant Citizen Group. His specialization is inexpensive Japanese (and therefore high) quality accessories in a wide variety. The marketing policy of the brand is curious. Initially, Q&Q watches were not advertised at all, they just appeared in a huge number of stores in a wide range of models. The success of Q&Q is based on high-quality Miyota movements and constant updating of the model range. Designers keep track of current trends. For 40 years of work, Q&Q has produced about 3 thousand models, that is, 75 per year.

Guardo: the phoenix bird that was reborn

Italian manufacturers have long understood that accessories should be a treat for the eyes. The Guardo brand confirms the concept that appearance matters to sales. The brand has both design and sales. These products attract attention, and after it – and money from wallets. For the production of watches, medical steel is used, which does not cause allergies. For many consumers, this is an important factor when choosing accessories. Interestingly, TM temporarily left the market to return and become popular again.

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Timex – an American watch that reflects the era

The Timex brand has been operating in the United States since the middle of the century before last, namely since 1854. Its uniqueness lies in the ability to change and adapt to the needs of customers. Timex wristwatches change with their audience, so they are always “on the crest of the wave”. The brand is the second-largest non-Swiss sold in the world. There are many memorable and curious pages in its history. For example, the first brutal ad for shock watches was not invented in Casio, but in Timex in the 1950s.

Royal London: an in-demand English classic

The British brand, founded in 1998, has become the most popular in the UK in 15 years and has successfully entered the markets of other countries. In the asset – many awards from prestigious exhibitions in Basel, stores in 40 countries. Typically, Royal London wristwatches are made in a classic style, they are bought to be worn in the office. But non-trivial collections are also coming out – for example, released in 2011 for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Pierre Ricaud: German simplicity and reliability

German manufacturer Pierre Ricaud is not trying to appear as something he is not. He honestly admits that there are no complex functions in his watch. But buyers can always count on reliability and variety. Pierre Ricaud wrist watches are produced in classic design, and here they are really good. The are the watches that will leave you obsessed. The company is actively conquering sales markets around the world.

Swiss Military Hanowa: precision and reliability like the Swiss army

Swiss Military Hanowa is one of the popular TMs from Hanowa (Switzerland). The manufacturer began his journey in 1963. It quickly gained popularity due to its successful combination of classic design, quality, and reasonable cost. And the first Swiss Military Hanowa wristwatch appeared quite recently, in 1990. They were produced in a sporty and militarized style, which is still a brand feature. The highlight of different collections is the pronounced differences in the types of troops, which can be seen in the design and functionality. The features of watches for infantry, pilots, and seals can be talked about for a long time and in detail. SMH products are not afraid of stress and extreme conditions. Soldiers, instructors, and trainers buy them.

Diesel – The reborn phoenix bird

A relatively young brand appeared in Italy in 1978 and quickly gained the attention of Europeans. At first, he made clothes, and in 1995 he began to produce watches. These were products for non-standard, active, and bright buyers. Accessories are manufactured in the Fossil factory. In 2017, the first hybrid model from Diesel was released. Diesel watches combine shocking, brutal, and recognizable designs, precise mechanisms. These models are difficult to confuse with anything else. According to the brand’s founder, Diesel does not sell watches, but a lifestyle. And indeed it is. Accessories are bought for their unique style and versatility.

Orient is one of the best-selling brands in the world

Despite the expansion of Swiss watch manufacturers, their Japanese colleagues spoil their mood. The history of the Orient began almost 120 years ago with a mini-shop. Its owner dreamed of overshadowing the glory of Swiss watchmakers. In 1934 he created a watch workshop. Orient watches were deliberately made similar to European ones in appearance. They use precise mechanisms, high-quality materials, and carefully designed designs. Of the 500 sketches of the new collection, only 30-40 go into production.

Fossil: focus on design and people will appreciate

Fossil was originally a local Texas-based manufacturer. But for 30 years of work, he became famous not only in the United States but also made a successful expansion to Europe. What’s the secret? Fossil offers exactly what the modern consumer needs. That is a stylish design. In a world where individuality is desired, people pay attention to the appearance of accessories. Fossil watches are popular with modern youth with a progressive outlook on life.

Tommy Hilfiger: quality items come naturally

The American brand Tommy Hilfiger is a cult icon for young people, and more than one generation. He has been releasing watches recently, since 2002, but has quite spread his influence on the accessory market. According to the manufacturer’s slogan, wearing a Tommy Hilfiger watch is as natural as the brand’s clothing. The audience trusts and does not argue. Therefore, accessories from Tommy Hilfiger are popular this year and will be popular next.

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