Health Benefits of Jaggery | 14 Amazing & Surprising Facts

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Jaggery also called as Gur, is made from sugarcane juice. This conventional form of unrefined sugar has all the natural goodness of the vitamins and minerals especially those that were originally present in sugarcane juice. Jaggery or gur is frequently referred to as Medicinal sugar and comprises of glucose and sucrose, Jaggery is the closest substitute for white sugar and also good for health.

It offers various health benefits to us. It is a great substitute for the regular white sugar. Sucrose is the major content found in jaggery. Jaggery is rich in minerals, calories, fibers and proteins. It works great in helping us to reduce the weight. It is high in nutrients.

Health Benefits of Jaggery | 14 Amazing & Surprising Facts

1# Maintain the Digestive System:

Jaggery helps in maintaining the digestive system, as it gets digested easily and quickly. Also, Jaggery purifies the blood and helps in cleaning the metabolism. Whenever you have the gas problem than taking Jaggery with one glass of water or milk will cool the stomach and will give you the relief.

2# Cleansing Your Body:

Jaggery can be used in cleaning your whole body system, leaving your blood vessels working well, your nervous system responding well, your muscles and joints being relaxed and carry out their functions well without straining.

3# Boosts Up Metabolism:

Jaggery plays a major role in boosting up the process of metabolism. Thus it ensures you to meet your weight loss goal. Jaggery contains vital minerals and nutrients. All these help you to balance electrolytes. These properties of jaggery help in improving metabolism. Thus, this natural sweetener jaggery helps you in achieving your weight loss goal.

4# Prevents The Risk Of Anemia:

Jaggery is a rich source of iron, which is a quintessential mineral for the formation of hemoglobin. Adding Jaggery to the baby’s food provides her a sufficient amount of iron and prevents the risk of deficiency of iron or anemia.

5# Boosts the Production of Sperm:

Jaggery is great at energizing your body. It also enhances the production of sperms and their quality. Regular intake of jaggery and basil seeds followed with a cup of cow’s milk at least for 4 months will increase your sperm count.

6# Helps In Blood Cleansing:

Any problem related to the body negatively impacts the weight of that person. Jaggery is iron rich and thus it helps in blood production. It is very helpful for anemic people. Jaggery acts as a blood purifier agent. Cleansing properties of jaggery helps in cleansing and purifying the blood. Jaggery, by purifying your blood helps to maintain a healthy weight. Thus, it helps to reach your weight loss target.

7# Boosts Energy:

We have those moments that we feel drained and lack energy to carry out different activities, that even when we carry out a simple task we are left feeling tired. You need something that will give you that instant energy boost. Take several bites of jaggery and your body will regain that lost energy that it needs. The good thing is that it does not need to be cooked since it can be eaten as it is and thus saving your cooking time.

8# Gives Relief from Jaundice:

Jaundice is a disease by which many people are suffering now, for them I would like to say only one things that Jaggery can help you a lot. The only thing you need to do is that take 5gm of dry ginger (saunth), crush it and make it powder or you can take the powder directly from market. Now, take 10gm of Jaggery and mix it with the dry ginger powder and take it regular for some days. I am sure that this is going to help you to get relief from it.

9# Beautiful Hair:

If you want to enhance the beauty of your hair naturally, you can use jaggery. A mixture of jaggery, fuller’s earth and curd can be applied to get long, thick, black, and lustrous hair.

10# Relief in Cold & Cough:

Jaggery is hot in nature, not like it’s going to burn your hand while touching it ;). Jaggery is very beneficial for people who have problem of cold & cough. They can have relief from it by taking Jaggery in tea, laddoo, milk or raw Jaggery.

11# Excellent Treatment for Headache and Migraine:

The presence of iron, magnesium, and potassium in jaggery reduces the intensity and frequency of headache. A mixture of pure clarified butter and jaggery can prove out to be an excellent home remedy to cure migraine and headache.

12# Increases Immunity:
Our body’s ability to fight infections and keep us healthy is greatly dependant on our immune system. Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium, which help prevent free-radical damage and also boost resistance against infections. Here are 5 amazing tips to improve your immunity.

13# Radiant Skin:

It’s a joy to walk around having flawless and radiant skin especially the face. By taking jaggery regularly, acne and blackheads will be something of the past. You will achieve that healthy, glowing and spotless skin. Jaggery helps you achieve that healthy wonderful skin.

14# Helps in Weight Loss:

Being rich in nutrients like vitamins and minerals, jaggery regulates the metabolism and maintains the electrolyte balance. The presence of potassium in it helps control the retention of water in your body, thus reducing the weight.

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