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20 Luxury Watch and Jewelry Brands & Their Pronunciation | Part II

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you’ve never been quite sure if you’re pronouncing all your favorite watch company whose remarkable piece of timekeeping engineering you wish to wear on your wrist? No need to worry. We have put together a pronunciation guide for you.

Today We are presenting the 2nd Instalment of it.


1# A. Lange & Söhne  :  ah LAHN guh und ZO nuh



2# Vacheron Constantin  :   VASH er ahn kon stan TAN

Logo VacheronConstantin


3# Louis Vuitton   :  lou ee vwee TAHN    

4# Blancpain :  BLAHNK pan


5# Montblanc  :  MOHNT BLAHNK

mont blanc


6# Bulgari  :  BUL guh ree

7# Movado  :  muh VAH doe



8# Chopard  :  show PARD

9# Daniel Roth  :  Roth- ROTE



10# Ralph Lauren  :  Lauren – LOR en

11# Frédérique Constant  :  FRED ur eek con STAHNT
frederique constant   

12# Glycine  :  GLY seen

13# Wyler Genève  :  VEE ler jeh NEV

wyler logo


14# Louis Moinet  :  loo ee mwah NAY


15# Parmigiani Fleurier  :  pahrm ih ZHAH nee FLUR ee ay


16# Piaget  :  pee ah ZHAY



17# Zenith : ZEH-nith



18#Seiko   :  SAY ko



19# TAG Heuer  :  TAG HOI ur

20# Wenger  :  WEN ger


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