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Meow Meow Mumbai: You Have Got Mephedrone As New Legal Lethal Drug To Battle

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Mephedrone – The New Meow Meow Of Mumbai Party Goers

Call it Meow Meow, M-Cat, Bubbles, Meth or Drone. At 1/20th the cost of cocaine and with a similar effect, Mephedrone is the new drug India is battling (Specially Mumbai).

The city is literally raging over the explosion of Meow Meow (Mephedrone) in the narcotics market; the drug that was introduced to India about a year back has recently seen a record number of fresh cases.

Reportedly, in the past couple of months, an alarming 80% of the total drug addicts in Mumbai are addicted to Meow Meow. As per statistics, about one lakh Mumbaikars are already consuming the drug, which might multiply by two to three times on NYE. The prime targets of the drug are children in 14-20 year age group.


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Fact of the matter:

"Mephedrone is not included within the ambit of The Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS) Act, 1985, and it can be sold legally. This prevents any legal proceedings from being carried out against dealers or peddlars," says a senior official from the anti-narcotics cell in Mumbai.

The officer also mentioned that the department a request has been initiated to include Meow Meow in the NDPS Act. The matter still awaits action, but, if public representatives it up in the form of a PIL, a decision could be taken much faster.

What exactly is Meow Meow OR M-CAT OR Meah OR Meth OR Drone? – This stuff has literally got a lot of names

Methedrone (para-methoxymethcathinone, 4-methoxymethcathinone, bk-PMMA, PMMC, methoxyphedrine) is a recreational drug of the cathinone chemical class. It is sometimes known by the street name meow meow. Chemically, methedrone is closely related to para-methoxymethamphetamine (PMMA), methylone and mephedrone.

The health risks associated with methedrone are mostly unknown, but are expected to be similar to other cathinones.[4] Methedrone was almost immediately withdrawn from sale by initial vendors after reports of adverse health effects.[citation needed] Some amphetamine analogs containing a para-methoxy group are known to cause severe hyperthermia and even death due to concurrent MAOI and monoamine releasing action.

Things to know about Meow Meow

1. Also known as MCAT, Mephedrone or Meph
2. It is a bright white crystal structure (available in powdered form), with no harsh chemical odour.
3. Looks like cocaine and is snorted in exactly the same manner or orally consumed
4. Sold legally hand to hand as well as online
5. Also sold as plant pesticide/hormone, and delivered in unmarked sealed packets to skip law enforcements
6. MCAT can be simply sniffed, it doesn't have to be smoked or injected, which makes it even more dangerous
7. Light-eyed effect and sleeplessness for 48 hours
8. Heightens sexual drive as it immediately increases the urge for physical contact among both men and women. Immediate effects can be seen as early as a few minutes.
9. If swallowed, it takes more than 30 minutes for the effects to surface
10. Zombie effect: The fingertips and lips turn blue; this effect lasts for 4-6 hours
11. The person starts hallucinating about being among the dead people or among the devils
12. Uncontrollable abusive or violent behaviour (if consumed in large quantities)
13. Craving for the drug increases with time

Long lasting side effects
1. Paranoia
2. Depression
3. Chest pain
4. Muscle clenching n Increase in blood pressure and heart beat n Trouble urinating


Video Credit: BOOM News

References: Wikipedia

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