10 Woes of A Married Indian Man | Differences between Expectations and Reality

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Marriage is a very sacred institution in India wherein a girl leaves her home and family after she gets married. But men have it so much easy…or do they?

Here’s a snapshot of misery suffered by those unsung heroes, who went through with their lives (and wives) without ever saying anything about it.

1. Cooking

Expectation: My wife is a masterchef






2. Coming home after work

Expectation: You expect a smiling face at the door



Reality: Looks like you’re not the only one who had a long hard day




3. Going out with wife

Expectation: You hope that she will get ready on time






4. When you tell her you are planning to go out with the boys

Expectation: She will understand



Reality: But she understand it a bit too well



5. When you do go out with the boys

Expectation: Lotta fun!!



Reality: Phone pe gaali khane ka time ho gaya 




6. At a party

Expectation: You two will get on like a house on fire



Reality: But she doesn’t want to dance with your drunk ass



7. Crying

Expectation: Whenever it comes to emotional situations, you expect it to be subtle






8. Eating out

Expectation: You think eating out together will be fun activity that you both can enjoy



Reality: But then…



9. Romance

Expectation: You will surpass SRK-Kajol in romance



Reality: You end up fighting instead



10. Having babies

Expectation: You think you will be the best father in the world



Reality: Until you are made to realize you have no idea how to bring up a baby





In India nobody understands the pain of a man. 

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