17 Interesting Facts About Israel

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Israel – is a small country in South-West Asia. Israel has access to the World Ocean through the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. Israel’s neighbors are: Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Tourism in Israel – is not just a pleasant and comfortable journey. It is not only the healing waters of the Dead Sea and Mediterranean Sea, caressing sun and golden sand beaches, and not only various entertainments and first-class travel service.

Attractions of Israel – is much more, than beautiful landscapes and nature reserves, than the grandeur and charm of the sand peaks of the desert. The history of this country is rich on events like no other place on the earth. Israel strictly cherishes the memory of all these historic events. For those who will come to the Promised Land, Israel can open the pages of the great universal mysteries.In this magnificent country rush the pilgrims, the tourists, the adventure lovers and the connoisseurs of beauties from all over the world.


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17 Interesting Facts About Israel

1. Air Force of Israel is on the fourth place in the world (after the U.S., Russia and China). With a wide variety of fleet, also Israel has more than 250 of F-16s (this is the biggest fleet of F-16s outside the United States).

Israeli Air force


2. Israel ranks the first place in the world in the number of computers per capita.


3. In Israel, the forest area is increasing annually. Israel – is the only country in the world, that entered the XXI century with a steadily expanding areas of greenery. This fact is especially remarkable, because this is happening in the climate zone, which is considered a desert.


4. Israel is among the leading countries in terms of literacy. The workers with university degrees make up almost a quarter of all workers. By the number of scientists – 145 per 10 000 population – Israel bypasses Japan (70 per 10 000 population), and the United States (85 per 10 000).


5. In Israel, there is Judean Desert – this is the smallest desert in the world (area – 22 square Km).



6. In Israel, there is the lowest road in the world. This road runs along the shore of the Dead Sea (it is 393 meters below the world sea level).



7. In Israel, there is the valley of Armageddon. This Valley Is located right at the foot of the mountain called Tel Megiddo. In 2000, an incredible number of tourists gathered here to meet the end of the world. In this valley, should have happened a fight between good and evil and people wanted to become the witnesses of this.


8. Israel is the only country in the Middle East with the liberal-democratic system of government. Israel is more liberal – democratic, than any other country in the world.

9. In Israel, date palms yield up to 150 kg per year, with an average yield of 14 kg in other countries.



10. After the United States and Canada, Israel has the longest list of companies in the NASDAQ.


11. In Jerusalem, post offices often receive letters and parcels addressed to God. Senders indicate the address to which they want to send the message: “Wailing Wall”, “Garden of Eden” or even “Seventh Heaven”. Once a year, these letters is collected and sent to the chief rabbi of the Western Wall. He places these letters among the rocks.
Today, in the age of globalization and information technology, to turn to God is easier. You can send e-mail to one of the volunteers, who will print your letter and will bring it to the wall, or you can leave an email message on the site of the holy place.

An aerial view of Jerusalem, Israel

12. Israel ranks the third place in the world in terms of the development of entrepreneurship and the first place in the world in participate of women and people over 55 years old in it.


13. In Israel, there is the largest percentage of immigrants in relation to the total population. Emigrants come here in search of democracy, religious freedom and economic opportunity.


14. Israel was the first country, which signed the Kimberley Protocol. (The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). Kimberley Protocol – is an agreement about international standard, which is certifies that revenue from diamonds will not be used to support illegal armed formations.


15.The Dead Sea, located in Israel – is the lowest place on the Earth’s surface. Contrary to popular belief, the saltiest body of water in the world is not the Dead Sea. Lake Assal in the African republic of Djibouti is more salty. Per liter of water of Lake Assal dissolved 400 grams of salt and in waters of Dead Sea dissolved “only” 340 grams per liter.


16. Israel – is the land of historical monuments and shrines. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Jerusalem – is the center of the three religions with its citadel of David, with the famous Wailing Wall, numerous monasteries, mosques, synagogues and churches.
In Jerusalem, the pilgrims from all over the world are going to the Temple Mount, are praying in the Garden of Gethsemane, are visiting the Holy Sepulcher.


17. In Israel, you should to visit:

Jaffa – where , according to legend , Noah built his ark, Haifa with its famous Mount Carmel magnificent Bahai temple and monastery of the Carmelite;
Nazareth – the city where Jesus Christ was born and where nowadays is the Church of the Annunciation (the largest cathedral in the Middle East);
Kanna – village where Jesus performed his first miracle is very interesting for tourists too.
Negev desert – with its excavations of ancient cities, copper mines of King Solomon and the amazing natural phenomenon – the Ramon Crater.


Credit : Arine Makarova
Source: travelingmyself.com

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