“4 bottle Vodka” Goes Viral in Russia | Now Russia want Honey Singh

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Here is the latest news about indian eminem Yo Yo Honey Singh:

The Russian government wants to offer citizenship to singer Yo Yo Honey Singh after his song '4 bottle Vodka' went viral in Russia. "This should be our national song," President Vladimir Putin is reported to have gushed.

Russia, which, once in the middle of an economic crisis even offered to pay salaries to its people with crates of Vodka, wants to offer a plot of land to Mr Yo Yo in one of its many territories, like maybe Goa or Ukraine.

Tamil fans of Honey Singh have taken umbrage at this as the singer was the first North Indian to compose a song showcasing the underrated and comfortable lungi and want the Russians to back off. "Russia can wait. There are so many communities left to stereotype in India," said a visibly angry Mr Aiyenger who runs an MBA coaching institute called Aiyenger Management.

He had a parting shot for Mother Russia too. "Remember the time of the reds ruling Russia," he fumed. "That was Karl yug," he added and stormed off.

Meanwhile, the Pollution Control Board has decided to issue a notice to the rap singer for spreading misinformation with songs like 'Blue hai pani, pani'. 'We all know pani is not blue. It's tasteless, odourless and colourless. This is an outrage.'

"You can, of course, get black water from the Yamuna, but not blue, no sir," he added.

Social activist Hanna Azare, who once said alcoholics should be flogged and shamed in public, is understandably not too happy with the lyrics of the rap singer. In an eloquent remark, he said, "These singers are very boozy. Flog them."

Asked to respond, Mr Yo Yo said:

Aaj botallan khullan do Daaru-sharu dhullan do Whiskey da peg laga ke Saari duniya bhullan do.?

Later, bald composer Vishal Dadlani, not known to be a big Yo-Yo fan, alleged: "Honey Singh has hidden his middle name from the world. It's 'Don't'."

Back in Delhi, Mr Yo-Yo said he may not leave Punjab for Russia due to the massive differences between the people and culture. "We even dance different," he said. "In Punjab, we go Balle-Balle! And in Russia, they prefer Ballet, Ballet!"

Moscow is understandably not happy with this and President Putin may soon send Buk missile systems to Goa.

Here is the Upcoming Viral Song of Russia!! LOL!!
[youtube height=”500″ width=”800″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8F5dz8kv1w[/youtube]


Source: T-Series on YouTube


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