5 Items you Must Have in your Truck When Going Camping

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Going into the great outdoors can be either a wonderful experience or the worst time of your life. It all depends on how ready and experienced you are and how well you will equip for the challenge.

Going camping by car means you can afford to get a lot more equipment with you than going on foot. You can spend some time in the great outdoors knowing that you’re much safer than sleeping under the bright sky up in the mountains. This is a huge deal for some campers.

If you feel like you’d rather stay safe and still have a glimpse of nature’s beauty, then you want to go by car. See what the essential items that you need in your vehicle before going camping are. This way, you can store tons of accessories to help you have a great time out there.

1. Tent and sleeping equipment

What’s camping without a big tent, a sleeping pad, a hammock, and all the cool stuff that are going to provide a comfortable sleep in nature, far away from your home? These things go without saying – you must have a big enough tent and all the equipment with it that will make your stay comfortable.

If you don’t like sleeping on the ground, make sure you get one of those rooftop tents that are easily installed on top of your vehicle. They come with tons of accessories that will make you feel safe and comfortable during the night. Make sure you get one that fits your vehicle model.

2. Cooler

A highly underrated item for every camping trip is the cooler. People don’t realize how important this is, especially during the summer. Camping in the winter may help you store everything outside without worrying it will be spoiled, but during the summer, all food you bring with you will immediately spoil if it is not stored in a cool place.

There are tons of options on the market, and you should get one based on your personal preferences. Portable coolers powered by batteries, car plugins, or ice chests are all available out there. Think about what the perfect option for you would be, and get yourself the best possible one.

3. Stove and fuel

Nine out of ten campers will tell you that the most beautiful moment in their entire trip is having a cup of hot coffee in the morning while looking at the landscape in front of them. Just imagine sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking in the distance and feeling the smell of the coffee before taking a sip. It’s simple to die for.

In other words, never forget to pack a portable stove and fuel with you. You can’t set up camp in all situations and for any small detail like a hot cup of coffee. Instead, you can turn on the portable stove, prepare what you need at the moment, and enjoy yourself in the peace and silence in front of you.

4. Toolbox

Another highly underrated item that you must get when going camping. If you’re driving a pickup truck or a utility vehicle, then you have a lot of room in the back for all kinds of things. However, you can leave some stuff out in the open, like expensive tools, food that might attract animals, etc.

You can store anything inside, and not just tools. They can be locked, and no one will have access to your possessions. For this need, get yourself a toolbox specialized for vehicles. Some truck tool boxes are custom-made, and you can order one from the manufacturer based on your measurements.

5. Headlamp, knife, and duct tape

Essential tools that you always must-have in your car are the headlamp, the knife, and the duct tape. These can save your life in dangerous situations. You never know what will happen during your trip, so you must be prepared.

Carrying these with you means you’ll always have a way to fix something. The headlamp is crucial for nighttime, the knife is there to cut something off, and the duct tape is always going to be helpful for those situations in which you think there’s no way out. Duct tape is strong and will give you the necessary help in given moments.


The great outdoors can give you such a thrill. Spending time outside is fantastic and can give you an entirely different look at the world. Learning more about nature and life for a few days is the best thing to do, but you must do it carefully.

With the items we described above, you can be sure that time spent outside will be more than extraordinary. Pack everything we talked about, and spend a couple of days enjoying nature.

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