7 Reasons You’re Not Living the Life You Really Want !

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Many people spend the whole life in endless pursuit of happiness and consequently feel unhappy. Happiness is a polysemantic word since every person finds happiness in various aspects. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, if you feel happy. You are winner and you’re able to find peace, balance and joy in your life. It’s extremely important to have a general aim in your life. This way, you won’t know in what directions to move and develop. Sometimes you need to change something in your life in order to find the path of happiness. You should try different activities, spheres and styles. It will help you understand what works and what doesn’t work for you.

Bold and determined people don’t waste time dreaming, they work hard. It provides more opportunities for them to make their dreams come true in quite short periods of time. Those people who are always hesitating and sabotaging themselves should change their habits and improve the atmosphere if they want to live a life of their dreams. I know that it’s very difficult to improve yourself, because the hardest battle is fighting against yourself. I hope this article will help you realize what prevents you from happiness.

1. You’re looking for what’s wrong in your life

If you are a pessimist, you’ll notice only bad and unpleasant things around yourself. Pessimists program their minds to look for what’s wrong in their lives. This mindset won’t allow you to reach your goals. If you can do nothing about your habit to see the world in dark colors, then you should try to develop the sense of gratitude. You should be thankful for what you have and stop complaining about things you dislike.

2. You don’t have clear goals

Unfortunately, many people do things they don’t like, because they don’t have clear goals on where they want to be. It’s hard to realize what you really want to be in this harsh and challenging world. There are so many temptations and routes you may try in your life, but you should listen to your heart and choose the one that will help you make your dreams come true. Nothing is impossible. If you have no idea what goals to set, then you should choose any direction, and then try to become the best in it. It’s better to do something than suffer from inaction and uncertainty.

3. You are surrounded with wrong people

It often happens that you are surrounded with people who bring negativity in your life and make you hesitate about your abilities and dreams. These flashes of negativity can damage your motivation and influence your subconscious mind in a negative way. Negative people always try to cause you to lose your bearings. It’s very hard to succeed and stay positive if no one believes in you and when everyone throws sand in your wheels. If you cannot change the circle of your contacts, you should try to broaden it with new acquaintances. You may find positive people using social networks. There are many thematic forums where you can communicate with people who are on a positive wave.

4. You don’t let success enter your life

Human being is the creature of habit. When you have already got used to your casual life and suddenly reach a new level of success, you find it difficult to accept the success and continue reaching new goals. This usually happens due to the fear of unknown, because you have no idea how life will change later. Try not to sabotage your dreams, instead try to find new positive moments and new opportunities in your achievements. When everything is starting to get good in your life, you shouldn’t afraid to open a new page in your life, because it means new outlook, friends and emotions.

5. You don’t focus on your goals

If you are a wishful thinker, you might be full of big ideas. You can spend hours dreaming about things you’d like to accomplish without concrete terms and actions. You may have heard that nothing happens by itself. Achievement happens when you embody your ideas and thoughts. I understand that thoughts have the tendency to realize, but you shouldn’t only wait until it happens. Create a real plan of actions and move toward your happiness step by step. It will help you see the way to your goal and understand what you should particularly do. This strategy is going to be one of the most effective secrets of goal setting.

6. You are waiting for a perfect moment

Many people believe that it’s desirable to wait until something will change for better and look for a perfect moment to start achieving their goals. To my mind, it’s a kind of self-deception that keeps your life on hold. Someone waits until they lose weight, while others want to increase their incomes or improve something in their life, but the window of opportunity is very small. That’s why you should use your opportunities right now. Wise people prefer to accept the conditions they have and move in the direction of their dreams. You should be more thankful for everything you have and you’ll have a chance to see new perspectives in your life.

7. You are lazybones

Successful people tend to suppress their feelings of laziness. This feeling can ruin families, relationships, friendships and careers. Laziness makes you believe that you aren’t good enough or ready for success. I think it’s better to be more productive and fill your life with new activities and other positive things, instead of lying on the sofa and waiting for something wonderful to happen. It’s more interesting to enjoy, explore and experience than just watching as things happen. It’s not your friends’ fault that your life is too boring. You have all chances to live a life of your dream.

Your life is your choice. You should realize that success is something you can achieve if you really want it. All you need to do is to find a correct tool to make your cherished dreams come true. A lot depends on your outlook and your mindset. Try to cultivate optimism and get rid of habits and feelings which spoil your mood and make you miserable. What other things can make you unhappy? Share you tips on how to live the life of your dreams with us please.

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