Latest Idea Commercial ad “Hum Nahi Banenge Ullu Aaj Se” Lyrics, Video | Idea Anthem

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Idea did it again, latest version of ‘No Ullu Banaoing’ has been released. On the occasion of Independence day indian telecom giant “IDEA cellular” has released a brand new commercial advertisement. This time, Idea has come up with the Independence day special Azaadi Anthem “Hum Nahi Banenge Ullu Aaj Se”. Here are the lyrics of the Anthem.

Hum Nahi Banenge Ullu Aaj Se Lyrics


Hum nahi banenge ullu
Nahi banenge ullu aaj se

Aadmi kitna shaana ho
Chuna lagane wala ho

Aadmi kitna shaana ho, we don’t care

Internet hai saath
IDEA hai saath

Nahi banenge ullu aaj se

Ab bajegi unki pungi
Chor uchakka ya ho dhongi

Ab bajegi unki pungi, I swear

Internet mere paas
IDEA mere paas

Nahi banenge ullu aaj se

Ab ullu banne se mukt hue
Nayi azaadi mil rahi humme

Ullu banne se free hue

Internet thank you
IDEA thank you

Nahi banenge ullu aaj se
Ab nahi banenge ullu aaj se (x2)

Source: Idea TV on YouTube

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